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Common faults of three-axis cnc router and their solutions
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    Three axis cnc router can not work normally, may be its internal components out of the problem or other aspects of the reason, the following often appear on the general introduction of the problem.

    One of the three axes cannot move.At this point, check whether the drive block corresponding to the corresponding shaft is damaged.The inspection method can be replaced by unplugging the aviation plug corresponding to the fixed shaft and inserting it into the drive corresponding to the other active shaft.If the fixed shaft moves normally after the exchange, it can be indicated that the drive block corresponding to the shaft has been damaged and needs to be replaced.If the shaft still does not work, it means that the cable or motor is out of order and needs to be replaced.

    None of the three axes can move.At this point, check whether the three-axis aviation plug has been connected to the control box, the control box power has been turned on, the data line and the control box and computer host central control business card printing connected.If all the above is normal, please contact the manufacturer.

    The spindle is not working properly.At this point, check the error code displayed on the LED display screen of the inverter (see the error code item in the inverter manual).

    Common faults of spindle motor and treatment:

    Motor hot, check whether the pump is working, circulating water is normal;The motor is boring, check whether the motor line is missing phase, whether the cable is short circuit;Motor sound is abnormal, check whether the motor overload operation, motor internal failure (please contact the manufacturer);Motor reversal, check whether the motor line is missing phase, whether the output UVW end will be arbitrarily switched at both ends.

One: the engraving machine one or three axis does not walk or walk abnormal

Loose or malfunctioning control card.

Drive failure of the corresponding shaft.

The corresponding shaft stepping motor is out of order.

The corresponding coupling is broken or loosened.

The corresponding screw is broken or the screw nut is out of order.

The sliding speed of the corresponding shaft is out of order.

Driver fine fraction, current, and software Settings are not the same.

Two: carving machine z-axis out of control

Loose or malfunctioning control card.

Static interference.

Z axis motor line fault

File path error

Frequency converter interference

There is a problem with the computer system or a virus


Three: error

Loose or malfunctioning control card

Actuator failure

Stepping motor failure

Electrostatic interference

Motor line fault

Data line fault

Wrong path

The coupling is broken or loose

Processing speed is too fast

A computer system problem or virus

Four: carving in different shades

Loose or malfunctioning control card

Stepping motor failure

Drive failure or current breakdown inconsistent with software Settings

Z axis motor line fault

Spindle motor fault

Frequency converter interference or incorrect data setting

Electrostatic interference

A computer virus or system problem

Five: carving

Control card failure

Frequency converter interference

File path error

Electrostatic interference

There is a problem with the software setup

Driver failure or incorrect current breakdown Settings

Data line fault

The computer has a virus or system problem

Six: carving machine wash bottom uneven

The spindle is not perpendicular to the table.Need to correct

Knife problem

There's something wrong with the control card

Seven: the carving machine can not normally return to the mechanical origin

In the opposite direction

The control card is malfunctioning or loose

Limit switch or data line fault

Actuator failure

Stepping motor failure

Eight: carving machine carving line wider how to do?


Adjust the focal length of the focusing tube

Correct regulation of current

Nine:Computer signal of engraving machine cannot be transmitted


Incorrect setting of software parameters

The machine is not connected to the computer

There is something wrong with the computer serial port

The software transfer rate is inconsistent with the carving machine baud rate setting


Reset parameters

Press the "offline" button to turn off the offline light

Use another string of ports

Reset the baud rate

Ten: the carving machine sound is unusual


There are obstacles in the route of the trolley and guide rail

Trolley out of rail

The origin is not set properly

The file is actually too big


Remove barrier

Centering the car

Modify the origin coordinates

Modify the file

Eleven: engraving machine empty cut

The reason:

The light path offset

Laser power failure

Damage to a circuit or circuit

The laser tube is damaged or aged

The ammeter is damaged

The solution

Adjust the light path according to the instruction

Replace the laser power

To replace a circuit or circuit

Replace the laser tube

Replace the ammeter

Twelve: the engraving machine does not carve the relevant question

Possible causes

Whether the power supply is AC220V50Hz

Have electricity

Whether to turn on the switch

Whether the serial line has been used to connect the serial port of the computer with the engraving machine, whether the connection is stable

Whether the output port setting of the software is consistent with the actual connection

Whether to send the correct data format to the engraving machine

The solution

Plug in the engraving machine and turn on the switch

Press the start button to send a legitimate file containing the content you want to sculpt

Restart the computer and engraving machine

Thirteen: open the software, the computer prompt "open the card failed, please check the card" prompt.


Check whether the driver of the board card is installed, or change the board card into a PCI slot;

Reinstall the two data connection wires and check whether there is any broken needle;

If there is a problem with the board card, replace it.

Fourteen: when opening the software: triaxial alarm, initialization error no. 4.


Check whether the two data cables of the computer and the machine are properly connected;

Check whether the fuse of the adapter board in the control box is burned out and replace the fuse;

Check whether the 5V12V power supply is normal.

Fifteen: when the carving occurs the dislocation, or the size is wrong.


Check the path of carving software is correct or not;

Check the clearance size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screw of the smooth rod is loose;

Check that the software parameters are set correctly.

Check if the ground wire is properly connected

Whether the computer has a virus

Sixteen:When X axis walks a certain section, Z axis does not lift the knife, press up to walk but down.


Check whether the z-axis motor is in normal operation, the power and the driver current;

Check the Z axis motor line for poor contact or discontinuity.

Seventeen: spindle motor does not turn or reverse.


Check the parameter setting of inverter;

Whether the signal line of inverter is connected inversely, switch any two of the three wires connected to the motor on the inverter.

Check whether the connection between the inverter and the control box is in good contact

Under the condition of good connection of frequency converter, if the motor does not turn, the motor is broken

Eighteen: appear to hit the knife phenomenon.


The power of the z-axis motor is not enough, and the coupling is loose.

The current of the z-axis driver is too low, or the signal line is connected incorrectly.

Check whether the motor line of z-axis is inserted properly

Nineteen: when the software is turned on, the shaft appears to close.


Driver problem or bad contact of computer output signal line;

Poor motor line contact.

Check that the parameters set in the software are correct

Twenty: the carving process appears the limit phenomenon.


Check whether the carving path exceeds the carving range;

Soft limit set by parameters in software.

Twenty-one: the machine is not energized when it is started up.


Check whether the start button line is connected properly and whether the button is burned out.

Check the ac contactor for short circuit or burn out.

Check whether the emergency stop switch is on

Check whether the fuse is burnt out

Twenty-two: when the button moves, the axis only goes in one direction.


Check whether the optical coupler line is working normally and whether the line is in good contact.

Check whether the motor line is welded.

Twenty-three: the sending software cannot be opened normally, and the carved things appear deformed.


Reinstall new systems and software;

Check whether the screw and screw of X and Y axis are loose;

The carving knife has problems


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