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Can the laser cutting machines cut the board
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    Can the laser cutting machines cut the board?
    Can the laser cutting machines cut the board? At present, wood cutting is mostly done in the form of traditional saw blades, but it will produce a lot of pollution such as sawdust and noise. Laser cutting wood can not only reduce noise, but also reduce the generation of sawdust particles and reduce the harm to the human body. The section quality of laser cut wood is also better than traditional cutting methods. The rough, torn or fluffy wood grain on the cut surface is not obvious, but is covered with a thin carbonized layer.
    There are two basic ways of laser cutting wood: instantaneous vaporization and burning. The method of laser cutting wood depends on the power density absorbed by the wood. Instantaneous gasification is an ideal wood cutting method. The wood vaporizes under the irradiation of a focused laser beam to form cutting seams. Gasification cutting is characterized by fast cutting speed, less heat transfer to the uncut substrate, no carbonization on the profile, and only a slight black glaze.
    Burning cutting is mainly due to the low beam power density, slow cutting speed, wide cutting seam, large cutting thickness, along with smoke and burning smell. The energy consumption per unit material of burning cutting is higher than gasification, and there is carbonization on the cutting edge. However, in the actual logging process, gasification is basically accompanied by combustion. This is because although the gasification method has the advantages of high efficiency, it requires high power density to achieve.
    However, in the actual laser irradiation process, due to the influence of laser output power and beam mode, the laser power density is often lower than the power density required for vaporization of the material surface, so a small amount of combustion occurs. In addition, laser cutting wood also requires auxiliary airflow coaxial with the beam, which is generally low-pressure inert gas or air.
    What kind of laser can cut wood?
    Generally, CO2 laser is used for wood cutting, and its wavelength is 10.6μM, but the photoelectric conversion rate of CO2 laser is low (only 5%~10%), energy consumption is large, frequent air exchange is required, maintenance cost is high, and the external optical path is complicated , Installation, debugging and maintenance are difficult. Therefore, CO2 lasers are limited in actual industrial production and applications.
    At present, the commonly used fiber laser (wavelength of 1μm) in the market cuts metal plates. Can this fiber laser be used to cut wood? If it is a 1μm wavelength erbium-doped fiber laser cutting wood, the answer is: more difficult. This is because wood has relatively low absorption of laser light with a wavelength of 1 μm, and it is difficult to form slits.

    Detailed advantages of laser cutting machines in the processing industry
    The flexibility, rapidity, one-time molding of the laser cutting machine, no mold opening, suitable for the processing of high resistance metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum veneer, brass and copper, can help manufacturers achieve artistic creation, personalized customization and small Mass customization. Designed the lighting design, made the processing mode, and wrote the program into the laser cutting machine, processed the metal contour, and finally made the metal lighting. It can better adapt to the ever-changing market demands of the lighting processing industry and help companies out of fierce market competition.
    The specific advantages of laser cutting machine used in metal lighting processing industry are as follows:
    1. Laser cutting technology belongs to non-contact processing. The surface of the workpiece is irradiated with a high-density laser beam to realize smelting. High-pressure gas blows away the slag and completes the cutting action. The whole process belongs to CNC machining, without contact and deformation.
    2. The laser cutting machines are not limited by the complexity of graphics. The processing speed is fast, the precision is high, and the cutting section is beautiful. It can process the original cooling metal materials into artistic patterns. Under the action of light, the metal pattern is more refined and high-end.
    3. In terms of aesthetics, the laser beam of the laser cutting machines are concentrated in a small area. Due to the concentration of energy, only a small amount of heat is transferred to other parts of the steel, resulting in little or no deformation. Therefore, the processing accuracy is high, the section is smooth, and there is no stress deformation. The processed stainless steel plate has a high "color value" .

    Why does the laser cutting machines need to blow?
    Maybe for laser cutting white light, why add auxiliary gas and what gas is used in laser cutting is not clear. Let me introduce the role of air blowing in laser cutting.
    In fact, most of the laser cutting process uses air, or oxygen, and nitrogen. Its purpose is to blow away the residue to achieve a better cutting effect. Secondly, the use of gas to blow off the slag is to protect the lens and prevent the slag from sticking to the lens, thereby affecting the cutting quality; when using nitrogen cutting, it can effectively achieve the effect of clean cutting surface, no burrs, and no slag hanging, which belongs to fine cutting; During oxygen cutting, oxygen supports combustion and reacts with the material, thereby increasing the cutting speed.
    Analysis of the reasons for gas filling of laser cutting machine
    In summary, laser cutting is basically the same as laser drilling in principle. The laser beam with high power density is concentrated on the designated position of the material to be processed. The absorbed light heats the inside of the material, and the material is melted or vaporized due to the sharp rise in temperature. Proper air blowing can not only protect the lens, but also blow off the slag during the treatment process, so that the section is clean, the slit is narrow, and the heat-affected area of ​​the material is small.

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