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Auto tool changer machine greatly facilitated our life
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    Although CNC woodworking engraving machine can not independently complete the complete furniture processing work, but compared with the previous manual carving, save a lot of manpower.
    Hand-carved furniture can be customized, rather than mass production. Hand-carved furniture is really of more artistic value. However, it is limited to hand-carved furniture now.However, when people slowly realize that although foreign furniture is beautiful, it is really not as durable as mahogany furniture, traditional furniture and consumer groups will continue to expand, then, a few in the price and customization ability will certainly not be able to meet the growing consumer demand.So, if you want more furniture in consumers' homes and only mechanized production, production costs will be diluted, faith.Using a CNC router is an exercise time.In the furniture industry, tools used to use hand saws to cut wood for tools such as planes, chisels, hammers, etc., but now manufacturers have implemented this in ORDER to improve workers' efficiency.
    Although CNC woodworking engraving machine can not independently complete the complete processing work, but compared with the previous manual carving, save a lot of manpower.And now the application of mechanical processing and manual finishing closely combined, so that the carving effect has been greatly improved.Consumers have also noticed the impact of simple hand carving on the overall effect of furniture.

    The performance and characteristics of CNC engraving machine are introduced:
    1. After welding the pipe wall of the steel structure of the bed, it is durable and not easy to be deformed by vibration aging treatment
    2. Z axis adopts ball screw and Taiwan high precision 25 square rail for more durable precision.X axis and Y axis adopt rack drive, fast speed, high efficiency, saving cost.
    3. Strong software compatibility, it can be compatible with CAD/CAM design software such as 3Art CAM/Castate/ Ventai, etc. It has functions of Tool compensation Chinese display, background editing, spindle multi-point positioning, display simulation operation and fault display.
    4. Taiwan Syntec control system, easier to operate, automatic hat-type knife change system, saving time
    5. The drive system adopts Yaskawa servo motor and driver from Japan with complete functions, stable performance and high reliability.
    6, Italian HSD automatic tool change cooling spindle, high precision, long life.Automatic tool changing system operates safely and saves time.
    7, manual injection system, maintenance, maintenance more convenient.
    8. Vacuum suction clamp and six-baffle mesa make it easier to process special-shaped workpieces with suction up to 250 cubic meters per hour
    9. Continuous carving of breakpoint, breakpoint recovery, processing time prediction, etc.
    10. Software pre-processing function can correct errors in the software, and has software code and a variety of international compatibility, such as Mastercam, Type3 and ARTCAM.The three - dimensional curve of the budget algorithm can ensure the uniformity of multiple lines and the speed and accuracy of the curve.
cnc router

    What are the advantages of CNC engraving machine?
    1. Simple operation mode.
    2. Independent suction device.
    3, advanced file preprocessing, intelligent correct processing, good compatibility.
    4, in the control system, Taiwan woodworking processing center.The Syntec control system has a good intelligent processing program, which can prevent the collision of machines and control the processing speed better, thus greatly improving the work efficiency and saving the cost.

    CNC woodworking engraving machine spindle corrosion problem is troubling many users.Due to the working environment, if the spindle motor is not maintained in time, it is easy to rust. Small rust will not affect the normal use of the spindle motor, but if it is not treated for a long time, it will shorten the service life of the spindle motor.
    Method of removing rust of spindle motor of woodworking engraving machine:
    1, by hand knock, shovel, scrape, brush, sand or a flexible way to eliminate frustrated rust, scales and other appearance.It is a basic corrosion method, but also can be used with blades, scrapers, sharp hammers, wire brushes, emery cloth, saw blades and other tools, this method is relatively simple, but also easy to damage the machine, when maintenance personnel need to be very careful rust, pay little attention to easy to cause the shaft rail of the machine. 
    2. Spray the main shaft evenly with clean lubricating oil spray. Spray more powerful lubricating oil several times if it rusts.Lubricant cleaner is non-conductive and has good lubrication effect.
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