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Application of laser technology
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1) mobile phone (3C) manufacturing

Mobile phone (3C) consumer electronic products are being upgraded towards the direction of high integration and high precision. Its internal components are getting smaller and smaller, and the electronic integration is getting higher and higher.Therefore, the screen, circuit board, back cover, internal structural parts (appearance, deformation, drawing force) for cutting, welding, marking technology requirements are getting higher and higher.

At the same time, due to the problems of short product cycle and large shipment volume, the traditional printing, stamping, CNC and other processes can no longer meet the high quality processing requirements, or can not effectively control the production cost.However, after a long time of development, laser technology has been able to easily achieve the process that cannot be achieved by conventional methods, and has become the consistent choice of high-end users such as apple and lens technology.


2) automobile manufacturing

In developed industrial countries such as Europe and the United States, at present, 50% ~ 70% of auto parts are processed by laser (body plate laser welding, white body cover welding, laser 3d cutting of covering parts, laser marking and cladding of parts), which are of high speed, high precision and good quality.

With the new energy policy and the trend of new products in the market, the lightweight and more efficient production technology of automobiles is of great importance to the development of automobile manufacturing enterprises.Dazu laser has made significant progress in this field, such as the 3d five-axis laser cutting machine, split-welding system, flexible welding workstation demonstrated in SIMM and equipped with new energy vehicles and yutong bus and other high-end manufacturing enterprises.


3) welding of new energy batteries

Power battery is the core component of new energy vehicle, which directly determines the performance of the vehicle.The traditional processing method of battery shell is through ordinary welding or deep throat stamping, but the safety, service life and comprehensive cost are always unable to meet the market requirements.The comparison shows that the advantages of laser welding are small loss of welding material, small deformation of welded parts, stable performance and easy operation of equipment, and high welding quality and automation.It can be said that the advantages of laser welding technology are incomparable to other welding methods.With the further development of new energy automobile industry, higher requirements have been put forward for the assembly and welding precision and quality of supporting batteries. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt laser welding technology on a large scale.


4) sheet metal processing

Before the explosion of laser market, all kinds of metal sheet parts processing can not avoid the CNC turret punch processing process, through a simple mold combination, can automatically complete a variety of complex hole and shallow stretch molding processing.However, when fiber-optic laser technology became the mainstream of the market, laser processing showed great advantages.Optical fiber laser machining is not only high precision and high efficiency, but also can be used for thin plate and thick plate processing, all kinds of complex graphics and curved surface processing, no need to open a mold, easier to achieve automation.Therefore, the laser processing on he market has begun to replace part of the CNC turret punch, shear machine.


5) industrial cleaning

When "manufacturing" meets "environmental protection", how to find a cleaner and less damaging way to clean has become a problem for bosses.Compared with traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical friction cleaning, chemical corrosion cleaning, liquid solid strong impact cleaning, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning, laser cleaning has the advantages of more safety, high efficiency, no pollution and so on.

At present, laser cleaning is mainly used in mold, weapon equipment, aircraft paint, electronic industry, stone carving and other industrial fields.With the continuous improvement of technology and mass production of equipment, laser cleaning technology will play an important role in the field of industrial cleaning.


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