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Application of laser cutting machine in mold industry
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    In recent years, the mold industry has developed rapidly and has always relied on traditional processing mode production, but the traditional processing mode is far from being able to adapt to the current development situation, so transformation and development are imperative. The advantages of laser cutters have gradually been proven in the mold industry.
    In our country, most mold processing equipment is imported from abroad, and enterprises have great investment and growth potential. The annual demand for mold processing equipment exceeds 10 billion yuan, and mold companies have long-term demand for equipment, which is also a big business opportunity for laser equipment.
    At present, the level of mold production equipment in my country is generally low, and there is a lot of room for improvement. Mold processing covers all walks of life, providing spare parts for automobiles, instruments, household appliances and other industries.  Mold processing occupies a 60% market share in the mold market, which also means that laser cutting machines have huge potential in the mold industry; there are still a large number of cakes waiting for laser cutting machines to seize the landing potential.
    With the continuous progress of laser technology, the application of laser technology has become more and more extensive, showing a good trend in the future development trend. In the mold processing industry, laser cutting technology has also been applied and is showing an upward trend.
    In the future mold industry market, the development trend of large multi-type parts is proposed. In addition, the material has higher stability and reliability for molds, and higher requirements for the inheritance and accuracy of mold equipment. These are the shortcomings of the existing mold equipment, the advantages of the laser cutter, and the laser cutter has almost no requirements on the material, material type and size of the workpiece, and the workpiece with good beam quality can be processed without subsequent processing. Relatively speaking, the processing cost Lower, higher stability, no maintenance required. Of course, in some aspects of the laser cutter, there are certain conditions relative to the mold industry.
    The CNC laser cutting machine is a leader in the mold industry and is deeply favored by mold companies. Mainly used for large and medium-sized precision plastic molds, small and medium-sized precision molds and other precision molds. Next, Acctek will give you a specific introduction:
    1. Large and medium-sized precision plastic molds
    According to statistics, my country's mold market share is 61%. Large and medium-sized precision plastic molds cut by laser cutting machines are mainly used in industries such as automobiles and home appliances, which has promoted the development of the mold industry.
   2. Small and medium precision molds
    The application of small and medium precision molds is mainly in the rapid development of the electromechanical industry, manufacturing and information industry. This is because it uses a laser cutting machine for cutting, its quality is very good, and its types are many, so it can meet the needs of different consumers.
    3. Other precision molds
    In recent years, magnesium alloys have been widely used in the market, which has also driven the development of the laser cutting machine industry. A large number of consumers use laser cutting machines, and the precision molds obtained by laser cutting machines are mainly used in the construction industry.
    Generally speaking, there is a huge room for development of laser cutting machines in the mold processing industry, and there is still a lot of market space for the development of laser equipment.
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    When the laser cutter is effective, it needs high temperature stability. This temperature is not the temperature of the external environment, but the internal temperature of the laser cutter, including the laser cutter and the cutting head.   
    The laser cutter is a high-tech product invented under the premise of rapid industrial development, but many operators who operate equipment will find that the water temperature of the laser cutter sometimes rises too fast, and water plays a key role in the laser cutter , Then what is the main reason for the increase in water temperature of the laser cutting machine?
    What is the reason for the increase in water temperature of the laser cutter?
1. When the metal laser cutting machine is working, the ambient temperature is high.
2. The continuous working time of the metal laser cutting machine is too long, it is necessary to shut down and rest properly.
3. The inlet and outlet pipes of the water pump are too dirty, the water protection is blocked, and the water flow is not smooth.
4. The working light intensity of the metal laser cutting machine is too large.
5. The backflow of the cooling water outlet pipe is abnormal, causing the water flow to be unsmooth.
    How to solve the problem of high water temperature of laser cutter?
    In the working process of the laser cutter, a large amount of water is needed to cool the high temperature in the laser tube to ensure the normal use and service life of the laser tube. However, when the laser cutting machine is in normal use, the water in the cooling water tank is prone to high temperature, especially in summer, it will become hot in less than 2 hours. If it is not replaced in time, the power of the laser tube will be greatly reduced. Rising Laser teaches you how to deal with the headache of high water temperature in the laser cutter.
    You can find another ordinary bucket. Need to prepare two double heads. When the bucket is filled with cold water, you can start working. When the water temperature is high, take out the working water pump from the bucket with high water temperature and put it in another cold water bucket to continue working. When the water temperature in the bucket is high, the water in the other bucket is basically cooled to cold water. Then put the water pump in this bucket to solve the problem of high water temperature of the laser cutting machine without having to pay for repeated replacement. If you think this is troublesome and need to stop and replace the water pump to affect production, you can buy a special laser cooling water tank, refrigerator and compressor, which can cool the high water temperature during work to the set temperature.
    With the increase of laser power and the application of linear motors, the development of laser cutting machines changes with each passing day. The increase in laser power means that not only can thicker steel plates be processed, but also the feed speed can be increased. The importance of laser processing is beyond doubt. As a powerful supplement to traditional processing methods, it solves some of the problems faced by traditional processing.
    The above is the reason why the water temperature of the laser cutter rises, so the operator should pay attention to check abnormal conditions in the future operation process. If the operator does not follow the correct operation method, it may also lead to a rapid rise in water temperature, early warning, and affect the processing process.
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