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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in metal processing
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    Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the first to use drum drains and stamping to process industrial sheet metal?Yes, he did!This highlights one of the fundamental elements of the metalworking industry: the importance of industrial sheet metal.
    Although there are pieces of metal in our lives every day, we still have a lot to learn.Whether it's the purpose, the process, or the machine for processing.
    However, the complexity of sheet metal processing has increased.With the development of technology, stainless steel is widely used in metals.As a result, the need to deliver more work every once in a while increases.Because of this, a tool that provides precision at high speed can meet the requirements from top to bottom, which is a one-hour requirement.The question, however, is: what kind of tools will satisfy high-end demand for the intensive and comprehensive cold work that is required for traditional sheet metal?
    The first name that comes to mind is the CARBON dioxide laser cutter.However, given its credibility in a market where manufacturers and users have begun to shift their attention away from metal processors that tend to gain more power and deliver results of less quality than required, is it really a wise choice?If it's not a CO2 laser cutter, what other options are there?
    To the delight of many workers, the technology has found a way to meet every metalworking need.Moreover, with the advent of optical fiber laser cutting machines, manufacturers have begun to deliver products according to the needs of the market.
    Still, there are a few problems:
    1. What is a fiber optic laser cutting machine?
    A CNC machine tool with laser as the medium, working at A higher speed level, with the best accuracy to provide high-quality products, this is the so-called efficient work.Fiber optic laser cutting machine.Embedded diodes with the help of fiber optic cables produce directional and enhanced fiber laser.
    After passing through fiber optic cables, this enhanced light is then corrected and focused on the lens material.By sealing the focusing lens on the cutting head, the machine manufacturer and the technology employed guarantee that the optical fiber laser cutting light is 200% more efficient than any other laser cutting machine.In addition, the frame of the machine allows the laser to be passed more easily to the cutting object without the need for any expensive optical mirrors.
    However, the user needs to consider that power is a decisive factor in this machine.Yes, it can fluctuate as needed, but there is a powerful machine to ensure high quality products.
    As mentioned earlier, the main work of this machine depends on the laser.In order to achieve unique cutting with high efficiency and optimum precision, a cutting machine with a power equivalent to or greater than 1500 W fiber laser is required for stainless steel, electrical steel, copper, iron, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, brass, aluminum-zinc plate and other metal plates.
    In addition to that, there is some work that requires more laser power, so when you do the research, you find that the laser power is 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000, 8000.Nevertheless, there are 500, 750 and 1000 W cutting machines much lower than the above range.These machines are used or lightly engineered and do not require deep penetrating incisions, much like producing exotic designs.
    Owning the machine was both a blessing and an ideal technology to upgrade the metalworkers' Arsenal.
laser machine

    2. How to improve sheet metal cutting?
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages over the traditional optical fiber laser cutting machine in the aspects of high precision and flexible processing.However, in view of people's suspicion of fiber laser cutting machine, the above problems still run through the whole industry, has a certain practical significance.
    Over time, technological advances have ensured that the pragmatic approach to time capture should be replaced by something more efficient and fast.Therefore, it is not surprising to see CNC punches and shear equipment out of control in the market.In addition, THE CO2 laser cutter is the most recent alternative on this list.The reason is that it is boring, requires a lot of money, has more overheads, and has lower quality electricity input.
    With the improvement of power laser cutting machine and the introduction of optical fiber laser cutting machine, the processing efficiency of stainless steel, carbon steel and other reflective media has been increased by 200%.
In addition, with the continuous development of fiber technology, a kind of fiber laser with direct and fast tuning laser spot size has been produced.The feed fiber range is more than three times the cutting quality, at different speeds, without any disadvantages.
    Facilitating the development of tools, this fiber laser promotes more optimized cutting, working at different metal thicknesses.The tunable output range of fiber laser is 100~300 m.
    One advantage of using these highly developed fiber lasers is that the beam tuning of these lasers is very fast and the transition time is short.Thus, without changing the refractive index, these fiber lasers can continuously operate at full power without turning off or suppressing the laser beam while changing the shape of the beam.
    For each cutting process, this property determines and triggers the use of the optimal beam characteristics, without limiting its ability to cut a specific material of a specific thickness.
    However, the general metal cutting market is generally based on rough steel processing.GIGBER lasers also offer a range of unique benefits in edge quality and maximum thickness for cutting thick metal sheets compared to conventional laser cutting systems.
    With a 1.5X magnification fixed to the optical cutting head and full oxygen assistance, this machine is capable of handling all sheet metal.
    These highly developed fiber lasers offer better edge mass and a three-fold reduction in roughness compared to conventional fiber laser cutting machines, whether from the thinest samples of 0.25 inch to thicker samples.
    3. How does this machine work?
    In addition to providing information on how fiber laser cutting machines can dramatically improve the industry's sheet cutting, how they work also provides ample evidence of why sheetworkers need to invest in this potential industry revolution machine.
    Although the optical fiber laser cutting machine works in much the same way as laser welding, there are some key differences that enhance the machine's reputation.As already described, optical fiber laser cutters rely on the high power density of their laser beams.A laser beam scans the surface of the material in a very short time and heats it to about 11,000 ocelcius.
    This leads to the melting or gasification of the sheet metal.The high-pressure gas melts or vaporizes material that is blown out of the slit.The flow of this inert gas melts the metal in the notch.Therefore, it creates a smooth and straight cut.At the same time, the flow of oxygen in the jet ACTS as a catalyst in this process.It improves the speed of the cutting process, allowing the machine to provide a narrow, precise, smooth, and less scratched, but high quality cut metal surface.
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