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Application of Fiber laser cutting machine in kitchenware industry
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With the development of living standards, there are more and more types of kitchenware, and people's demand for all kinds of kitchenware is increasing, ranging from cabinets and range hoods to small pots and pans. Every one of them is what we need in daily life. So, how are kitchen utensils made? Today we will take a look at the equipment needed to process metal kitchen utensils-Fiber laser cutting machine.
Fiber laser cutting machine can also be called metal laser cutting machine. It is a very important kitchenware processing equipment. It not only reduces the processing time of kitchenware, but also has a great improvement in quality.
Traditional kitchenware processing equipment uses CNC punching machine, combined with polishing, shearing and bending and other processes to form the final shape. This processing efficiency is relatively low, it takes a long time to make a mold, and the cost is high. The metal laser cutting machine is produced under the premise of the urgent demand of this kind of manufacturers. The development of laser in our country is not long, but based on the demand of the market, the development is very rapid. The metal laser cutting machine can directly produce all kinds of kitchen utensils without molds, which has long-term significance for the kitchen utensils processing industry.
The advantages of kitchenware products used in laser production are great. Using the characteristics of laser non-contact processing, laser-cut products have no extrusion deformation, cut quickly, without dust, and are intelligent and environmentally friendly. The metal laser cutting machine has high processing accuracy and when the product demand is high, laser cutting is a very good choice, and it can also save costs.
Metal laser cutting has the characteristics of flexibility and high flexibility. The processing of special-shaped parts is especially popular. You only need to make the cutting graphics and import them into the control system to set the size for cutting. The cutting time is fast and the quality is good.
The optical fiber cutting machine produced by our company-AKJ1390F is a metal laser cutting machine that can be used in many fields. The body adopts a fully enclosed design and uses European CE standard laser protective glass to ensure the safety of operators. Avoid the spread of smoke. The optical fiber cutting head is selected from a well-known Swiss brand with high stability. The driving choice is Japan's Yaskawa servo motor, which runs smoothly. It can be used not only in kitchenware products, but also in electronic equipment, mechanical hardware and other industries.
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