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Application of CNC engraving machine in the processing of solid wood composite door
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    Application of CNC engraving machine in the processing of solid wood composite door
    1, processing wood door pressure line
    Because the pressing line of a lot of solid wood compound door is circular arc or special shape, have certain difficulty when processing, and if waste material is processed on engraving machine, can use the method of overcutting and marking, do the program import after CAD drawing according to the size first, carry on processing again, already save material and convenient and feasible.Because the workpiece clamping is generally in the edge position, it is necessary to measure and calculate whether the fixture installation position is in the path of tool operation.If the tool running path is likely to occur in the tool and fixture collision, resulting in the pre-set workpiece origin deviation, resulting in path deviation, processing waste tool and fixture collision will not only make the processing error, but also may damage the tool and the machine, affecting the machining accuracy of the machine;In addition, the fixture is difficult to fix each processing part in the center of the plate parts. When the processing is about to be completed, the workpiece will collapse due to the few connections between the parts and the plate parts, the failure to be effectively clamped and the high tool speed, which is relatively dangerous and easy to produce stubble collapse defects.So before the processing should pay attention to the thickness of the direction to reserve a certain amount of machining allowance, to ensure that the machining parts and plate more connected, to prevent the occurrence of the above situation.
    2, processing wooden door surface decorative patterns
    Check the machine tool and clear the working table, install the wooden door, install the tool and set the origin of the workpiece to be processed.According to the pre-designed and edited processing program for automatic processing, processing should pay attention to the engraving size and design size is correct, because the workpiece origin is set by visual inspection, the processed product and design size will have a certain error.Should pay attention to according to the wooden door material set processing machine spindle speed and feed speed, so as not to process the product can not guarantee the accuracy and surface roughness.The linear adornment design that this kind of wood door surface processes USES cutter to be the round bottom knife of 6mm commonly, carve depth is advisable with 3mm.The parameters of the machine tool are set as follows: spindle speed 2000r/min, and feed speed 20% ~ 30% of the set value of the machine tool is appropriate.
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    3, the processing of solid wood composite door frame
    The structure of the solid wood composite door determines that the panels and glass frame should be carved on the door, and then the panels and glass should be nailed with pressure lines.Paneled doors and glass doors need high machining precision, and the engraving machine can ensure the machining precision.When processing generally using blade diameter of 12 mm, tall, in 40 mm straight knife blade processing, feed step by step, every time feed processing when the spindle speed is generally not more than 10 mm to 20000 r/min, general according to the hardness of lumber and tool feed rate the sharp degree of about 20% of the value choice, feed speed too slow will cause the workpiece burnt, too fast will appear ripple affect surface roughness.In general, when the solid wood layer processing feed speed to be a little faster, because the solid wood layer processing easy, feed speed is too slow, spindle speed is too fast workpiece will smoke fire, easy to cause fire.See Figure 5.3 for the processing schematic diagram of solid wood composite door inner frame
    Check the machine tool and clear the working table, install the wooden door, install the tool and set the origin of the workpiece.Debug the machine according to the keyhole machining program designed and edited in advance.When the tool runs to the given position, keep the X and Y axes motionless, manually control the machine to move along the axis direction, and process the keyhole on the surface of the wooden door.
    4, processing on the door or mother door tongue-and-groove
    Debug the machine tool according to the pre-designed and edited processing program, check the machine tool and clean the working table of the machine tool, properly install the clamping door on the machine tool, install the tool, and set the origin of the workpiece to be processed.When the tool is running to a given position, keep the X and Z axes stationary and make the machine move along the Y axis to process the tongue-and-groove at the edge of the wooden door.The wooden door tongue-and groove can be accurately processed to 0.01mm by carving machine. The tongue-and groove can be processed with high precision and smooth surface.Due to some wooden doors have a slight bend in the processing, so should pay attention to when clamping fixture firm clamping.
    5, machining arc or shaped parts of the template
    In the wood door processing there are a lot of panels are circular arc or shaped, in the end milling machine processing is very difficult and more dangerous, need to make a template, clamping after by die milling.The precision requirements of arc parts and abnormal-shaped parts template are very high and difficult to be machined. It will be very simple to be machined by engraving machine. It is only necessary to design accurate drawings in CAD and import them with programming to be processed automatically.
    6. Other USES
    CNC engraving machine is a CNC carving and milling machine with the function of computer numerical control. The tools installed are shank milling cutter like the carving and milling machine, and most of the machining processes on the carving machine can be completed by carving machine.

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