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A detailed introduction of the laser mixing cutting machine
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     Laser mixing cutting machine is a high appearance level, precision processing precision, moderate price of the product, is a horse in the market precipitation for a few years, waiting for a suitable time, that is now, it is the time to shine.
     This kind of laser head is different from the common laser cutting head, which can cut both metal materials and non-metal materials.It is mainly used in the laser cutting machine with a power of under 500W, and it can accurately track the focus position of the metal plate surface with the capacitor heightening system, so as to accurately cut the metal materials.Mixed cutting laser cutting head in small and medium-sized power co2 laser cutting machine application has a strong advantage, the maximum support 500 w laser power, the structure of the double drawer, focal length is tie-in, can cut metal materials, can also be cutting nonmetal material, USES the focusing mirror air/water cooling structure, can prevent lens overheating, optimize focus lens installation drawer, positive focal length or negative focal length can be adjusted according to need, in order to achieve the best cutting effect

     The laser beam enters into the cavity of the mixed cutting laser head through the mirror, and through the focusing mirror, the energy of the laser beam is concentrated at a certain point, and the cutting effect is achieved by melting the surrounding material at high temperature to form machining marks.The mixed cutting laser cutting head and capacitance raising system cooperate with each other, moving the focusing mirror according to the fluctuation of the material surface, changing the position of the focus, so that the focus position is always kept at a certain distance from the plate surface, so as to accurately cut the metal.

1. Z shaft drive
2. Three-dimensional mirror bracket
3. Focus lens cavity
4. Cutting nozzle 

1, there is a Z shaft drive part, can move up and down, accurate tracking of the focus position. 
2, the use of a double drawer structure, the length of the focal length match, users can easily change the focus of the lens with different focal length, to achieve the cutting of different materials, do not need to repeatedly proofread the focus position. 
3, good air tightness, can withstand the metal cutting of high gas pressure. 
4, the use of the cone form of cutting nozzle, gas out of the shape is conducive to the cutting of metal sheet.5. The air cooled/water cooled structure of the focusing lens can prevent the lens from overheating    

Application industry
     Can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet and other metal materials, as well as acrylic, density board, wood, plastic, leather, cloth
Material and other non-metallic materials.
Mainly used in sheet metal processing, metal advertising word cutting, stainless steel kitchen processing, advertising industry, sheet metal cutting and other industries
     Laser mixing machine has set off a boom in the market, it is a new favorite to adapt to the current market, but it has its own unique market, not all it is suitable for, so we should be aimed at its characteristics to correct cognition and use it.
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