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ACCTEK takes you to understand the ATC CNC router
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If your workshop needs mass production, then it is one of the best methods to make CNC machine tools achieve higher automation work as much as possible. The ATC CNC engraving machine can shorten your overall production time without sacrificing machining accuracy and workpiece quality, and save more labor costs. It is an effective way to improve workshop efficiency.
Manually performing multiple tool processes is one of the especially time-consuming tasks that can slow you down significantly if you have to stay nearby and babysit your CNC router. Not only does the need to be present slow production, but having to pause jobs to manually change tools also wastes time that could be better spent elsewhere.
This is where an automatic tool changer can have a serious impact. An automatic tool changer – or ATC – is one of the most beneficial forms of automation you can implement within your CNC machine operation, helping you seamlessly change tools in seconds without having to pause operation. Here is a closer look at what an automatic tool changer is, how it works, and the advantages of adding it to your CNC router process.
ATC CNC router

What is an automatic tool changer?

An automatic tool changer improves the production and tool-carrying capacity of a CNC machine by changing tools very quickly without the help of a manual operator. In doing so, the ATC dramatically reduces downtime on a given project.
ATC is generally used to improve the capacity of a machine to work with several tools at one time. There are generally two types of automatic tool changers – disc tool magazine and linear tool magazine. With 8-10 pieces auto tool changers. You can choose the number of tools according to the actual machining needs.

How does an automatic tool changer work?

Once set up on your CNC machine, an automatic tool changer follows a quick set of steps to swap tools in and out. Here’s how it works.
1. The tool change command is given to the machine via the computer.
2. The tool to be changed assumes a fixed position known as the “tool change position.”
3. The ATC spindle moves to that position to pick up the tool.
4. The z-axis moves between the machine tool rack/rotary to pick up/drop off tooling.
5. Internally, the spindle opens or closes the chuck to exchange tooling before returning back to work.
In a matter of seconds, an ATC enables you to switch tools automatically without any need for human involvement (apart from programming the change).
ATC CNC router

What are the benefits of an automatic tool changer?

An automatic CNC tool changer has numerous significant benefits in the shop, including:
Ability to switch between a large number of tools without requiring a human operator
Increased accuracy
Increased efficiency
Reduced labor cost
Reduced downtime and total production time
Increased tool storage capacity
Increased machine versatility
Increased safety for employees and equipment
Ability to change larger and heavier tools with ease
Increased edge finish due to more appropriate tooling per process

Increase your efficiency and production quality with help from ACCTEK

At ACCTEK Machinery, we offer a variety of CNC machine automatic tool changers as well as many accessories that are compatible with ATC. Our CNC machine engineers have professional technical knowledge and can provide training and assistance for you to operate CNC engraving machine.
Whatever your goals may be, we are dedicated to helping you produce outstanding results at a fraction of the labor and cost.

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