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Working principle of fiber laser cutting machine
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At present, with people’s higher requirements for innovation, people’s needs are also updated and iterative. The emergence of fiber laser cutting machines has made it much more convenient for some factories to process products. For some workers who are new to fiber laser cutting machines, their work The principle is still not familiar, so let's talk about the working principle of the fiber laser cutting machine.
Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the laser cutting equipment that uses optical power to perforate processing materials. Compared with ordinary light sources, laser generators have unique characteristics, such as large directivity, monochromaticity, coherence and energy concentration.
Among these factors, monochromaticity depends on frequency stability, and gas laser generators can achieve the best monochromaticity. If you want to improve the monochrome quality, you can use frequency stabilization technology and mode selection technology. The basic working principle is photoelectric conversion. The laser generator is driven by an electronic power supply and transports the optical fiber to the cutting head.
Have you ever paid attention to the structure of the cutting head? It consists of 13 parts, including workpiece, nozzle, oxygen intake pipe, nitrogen pressure gauge, lens cooling water jacket, focusing lens, laser beam, reflector, reflector cooling water jacket, servo motor, ball screw, magnification control and drive Motor and position sensor.
After the laser beam is reflected by the reflector, it passes through the focusing lens and nozzle and reaches the surface of the metal plate or tube. In addition, the nozzle plays a vital role in the cutting and engraving process. The laser head can avoid being contaminated by the slag generated during the cutting process, because the nozzle generates air when the machine is operated.

According to scientific data, the brightest sunlight is about 103 watts square centimeters, and the output brightness of the cold light of the high-power fiber laser generator exceeds 7 to 14 levels. This is why the optical laser can easily reach ultra-high temperature and high pressure in the material part.
If you want to buy a fiber laser cutting machine or encounter any problems during the purchase process, you can consult our staff, and we will answer for you at any time.

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