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Why fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular
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The use of optical fiber is constantly changing, and the implementation of optical fiber in the modern data-driven world of modern data has led to an increase in the speed and quantity of data transmission. Optical fiber does not transmit information through telephone wires or copper wires, but is composed of diode chains and distributed using light beams. Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine has been welcomed by many industries, and the following are the more important reasons.

1. Cheap price

Perhaps the most important benefit of laser fiber cutting is price. The indirect cost of this equipment is a huge savings, both in the initial purchase and throughout the life of the laser. First, there is no need for expensive optics like other laser technologies. In addition, the focusing lens is not exposed, but sealed in the cutting head.

2. No moving parts

Moving parts help increase maintenance and increase operating costs. Since the optical signal is transmitted through the fiber optic cable, there is no need to move the mirror to generate the required laser light. Other types of lasers use fast-moving mirrors to maximize the intensity of the laser.

3. Increased cutting speed

Another advantage of using fiber laser cutting is the increase in cutting speed. When cutting a straight line with a thickness of 1 mm, the cutting speed of a fiber laser is three times that of a traditional laser.

4. Cut reflective material

One of the main problems with traditional lasers is the reflection content. The laser may bounce off the reflective material and damage the device. Traditional lasers are not always used for brass, aluminum and copper cutting.

5. Higher electrical efficiency

Generally, a fiber laser cutting machine can generate a laser beam from a large amount of energy. This ensures that the fiber laser machine configuration can not only save electricity every time it is used, but because the demand is relatively low, it also has the advantage of extending the life of the hardware.

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