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Common Problems for Laser Cutting Machine and How to Adjust(2)
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When using a laser cutting machine to process materials, you may encounter some problems. In many cases, these problems are not caused by the equipment itself, but may be caused by operating errors. ACCTEK has sorted out five common problems and solutions of laser cutting machines. When you encounter a certain problem, it is helpful to find a reasonable solution through troubleshooting.
1. The device cannot produce laser light:
Check that the optical path is correct, and the deviation of the optical path may cause the laser generated by the laser tube to fail to correctly cut the material through the laser head;
Checking the focal length is correct. If the focal length error is too large, the laser intensity on the surface of the material may be too low, so that the effect of laser cutting cannot be caused by mistakes. The |aser is not generated, and the focal length should be adjusted to retest.
Check the laser power supply or circuit for damage. If the laser cannot be detected at the first lens, it may be that the circuit or the electrical device is damaged and the laser tube cannot produce laser light.
Check if the laser tube is damaged. If the laser tube is damaged, there may be a  phenomenon that the laser intensity is weak, no light is emitted, and the light is not normal. At this time, the laser tube needs to be replaced.
Check whether the file is imported correctly. If the circuit and the electrical device are normal, there may be a problem with the processing file. In this case, the processing file should be replaced to check whether the laser can be generated normally.
Check whether the parameter settings are correct. If a single file cannot be processed normally, check whether the parameter settings in the software are correct. The wrong parameter settings may cause the file to be processed normally.
2. The material being cut has an inclination
In this case, the cutting path is usually skewed by the optical path and the material is not perpendicular, so that the edge of the cut material has an inclination. The optical path should be re-examined and adjusted so that the laser is perpendicular to the surface of the material through the laser head.Check whether the table is level. When the table is not horizontal, the light path will not be perpendicular to the material. At this time, the table should be re-adjusted to the horizontal state.
3. The processing effect is not ideal
If the material cannot be cut through or the engraving effect is not ideal, it is necessary to adjust the parameters such as power and speed to achieve the desired processing effect. This process may require multiple attempts.
4. Laser power is too low
Check if the software parameter setting is too low;
Check the optical path for contaminants or obstructions;
Check the laser tube for damage.
5. The depth of the carving is not same or not deep
Check if the water circulation system is flowing smoothly;
Check if the focal length and optical path are normal;
Check if the beams are parallel;
Check the lens and laser emitting end for contamination.
The above content is based on the results obtained after testing the products of ACCTEK factory. The situation of different brands of laser cutting machines may be different. If the above solution fails to solve your problem, you can leave us a message, and our technical manager will provide you with an effective solution. I hope it helps you.
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