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Common Problems With CNC Router and how to fix them
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In the process of long-term use of the cnc router machine, it is inevitable that there will be some problems or failures. It is very necessary to understand some common solutions. Today ACCTEK has sorted out the solutions to some common failures of the cnc router. I hope it helps you use the cnc router machine.
1.Using The Wrong Cutting Tools / Settings
Poor material finishes could be due to either bluntness in the tool used, or improper feed speed ratio. It may also be caused by the wrong dimensions of the tool for the job at hand in terms of the sizes, quality or match with the material. Choosing the wrong cutting tool for the job may often result in poor quality material finishes.
To resolve this, it is important to choose the right tool and setting for the job and material.
2.Errors In Programming
As highly sophisticated equipment controlled by CNC computers, much of the issues which arise in CNC machining often comes from programming. These may come from a lack of understanding of the different G and M codes used for the controller, wrong set-up, or inputting the wrong data variables into the CNC controller.
To resolve these errors, it is important for new operators to be adequately trained in the different ways in which CNC machines can be programmed. Comprehensive user manuals and training, motion sequencing, and operation of the machine should be provided to new operators by the machine suppliers or experienced operators on the shop floor.
3.Poor Maintenance Of CNC Machine Tool
Modern machines with multiple constantly moving mechanical parts, CNC Machine Tools need to be regularly cleaned and maintained to keep them running optimally.
Failure to clear away dirt, material and other debris could result in a build-up which over time can result in inaccuracies in machining or even machine failures.
To prevent this, it is crucial for machine operators to follow a detailed maintenance regime for the machine tools in use. They should also regularly check levels of coolants or airflow, e.g. air filters, to ensure that operations continue to be smooth and uninterrupted.
Note: an overheated spindle could result from having a choked air filter in your cooling system.
4.Automatic Tool Changer Problems
Occasionally, you may face challenges with the automatic tool changer in your CNC Machine Tool. This could be resolved by learning every step of the tool changing process, and troubleshooting it by diagnosing what went wrong.
Check that the base, the gripper arm, tool holder, support arm and tool magazines are working properly and smoothly. Or examine the swivelling and mechanical arm action to see that they work properly. Do also keep the automatic tool changer and tool holders clean of chips and coolant.
5.Machine Vibration/ Chatter
When your CNC machine vibrates when it is doing its job, it could significantly reduce the life of your tool, affect the durability of your CNC machine, or undermine the quality of your machined part. You can detect this merely by listening to the noise generated – this may sometimes be very loud!
To resolve this, you need to diagnose if its workpiece chatter or tool chatter. You can also adjust the RPM of your machining process, so that the frequencies of the machining process will not resonate with the material frequency.
6.Overheating Of Machine Tool
For high volume and long durations of machining, overheating may sometimes occur. This could negatively affect the result of your machining job, the tool used, as well as the CNC machine itself.
To avoid this, ensure that you regularly clear all channels and clean the machine to be free of dirt, soil and material. Have a regular calendar of cleaning up all metal shavings as well as the liquids used in cutting.
The above are the problems and solutions you may encounter when using the cnc router  machine. If you encounter other problems when using the cnc router, you can communicate with our staff online, and our technicians will provide you with effective solutions in time. Each engraving machine produced by the ACCTEK factory has its own ID information, so that we can have a good tracking service for each machine when you use the machine. Hope that a good cnc router machine can bring high-quality production to your workshop in order to gain more customer support.
Thanks for your time.

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