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Fiber Laser Cutting machine Problems and Solutions
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Automotive manufacturers and construction workers would be lost without laser cutting machines. These devices use a high-powered laser beam to melt through a piece of metal so that workers can manipulate it into any shape they want. This article will explain fiber laser cutting problems and solutions so that workers can quickly resolve them and get companies the products they need.
Burrs are raised edges or pieces of material that may appear on a piece of sheet metal. Unfortunately, burrs are common when handling a laser cutting machine. Luckily, there are multiple ways metal fabrication workers can resolve this problem. Start by inspecting the focus of the laser. The focus point of the machine may need to be adjusted if burrs show up regularly. Another reason why burrs appear when using a laser cutting machine is that the power may not be high enough. Workers must adjust the power settings on the device to ensure it has enough strength to cut through metal without incidents. Finally, it’s important not to over to overload laser cutting equipment. If the feed rate is too high, the machine won’t be able to process it. Also, laser cutting devices need a break, they shouldn’t be running for hours on end. Cut down the feed rate and turn off the machine when you aren’t using it to mitigate problems.
Incomplete Cuts
Another common problem that occurs with fiber laser cutting machines is incomplete cuts. An unfinished cut can occur because of a machine gas error. Laser cutting machines use compressed gases (either oxygen or nitrogen) to help cut through metal. If someone notices incomplete cuts on pieces of metal, they should check over the gas quality to ensure that it’s pure and free of contaminants. Incomplete cuts can also happen because the feed rate is too high while the power is too low. A worker who sees inadequate cuts in sheet metal should press pause on the device immediately until the problem is resolved.
Generation of Abnormal Sparks When Laser Cutting Low Carbon Steel
This will affect the quality of the cut section. In this case, if no problems with other parameters, the following cases should be considered:
wear of nozzle in the laser head, replace it in time. In the case of new nozzle shortage, increase the gas pressure for laser cutting.
the thread at the joint between the nozzle and the laser head is loose. In this case, stop the cutting quickly, check the connection state and screw the thread tightly.
If you have other questions to consult, you can leave us a message, and we will have professional staff to answer your questions about the fiber cutting machine. Hope our answers will help you.

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