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How to reduce the risk of fiber laser condensation
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Fiber laser is the core equipment of Fiber laser cutting machine, which will have a great impact on the use of the machine after failure. One of the main reasons for the failure of fiber lasers is condensation inside the laser. In order to reduce the failure rate of fiber lasers and reduce the loss to customers due to the downtime of the Fiber laser cutting machine, today we will continue to understand what measures can be effective Reduce the risk of condensation on the laser.
1. Air-conditioned room
In order to ensure a good operating environment for the laser, reduce the risk of condensation, reduce the probability of failure, and extend the service life. It is strongly recommended to prepare an air-conditioned room for the laser in advance, so that the temperature in the air-conditioned room is lower than 27°C and the humidity is lower than 50%, so that the air-conditioner can always operate normally and the internal temperature can always be kept cool and dry. And the air-conditioned room should be spacious enough to allow easy access to the interior for maintenance. It can ensure that the minimum free gap around the laser is 1.0m. If the space is limited, in order to facilitate future maintenance and testing, the air-conditioned room needs to be designed to be easy to disassemble and install.
2. Industrial dehumidifier
The laser room can be equipped with an industrial dehumidifier, so the working environment of the laser can be drier, which can effectively avoid condensation.
3. The laser cabinet is sealed
In order to avoid moisture intrusion into the laser cabinet, it is necessary to ensure that the laser cabinet is sealed.
(1) The doors of the laser must be closed and locked, the door screws must not be missing, and the screws must be tightened.
(2) Install the lifting ring on the top cover of the laser and lock it tightly.
(3) If the connectors on the rear panel of the laser are not used, they need to be covered and locked with the original protective cover.
(4) If the cabinet has been opened before, you need to wait 2 hours after closing the cabinet before turning on the water cooler. Or check the Dew point interface inside the LaserNet software to ensure that the Dew point (dew point temperature) value is lower than 15 degrees (usually more than 30 minutes after the key is turned on) and there is no alarm, and then turn on the water cooler. If there is dry nitrogen on site, you can remove a ring, blow the nitrogen into the ring hole to exhaust the moist air inside the laser, and then tighten the ring.
4. Keep the laser powered on
Keep the laser always energized and turned on under the condition of ensuring safety. It is recommended to do so even when using without light. Only turn off the water cooler at night. Specifically, if the main switch is turned on, if the switch is turned on, the internal dehumidification device of the laser will work to keep the interior dry and cool. When the laser does not emit light, it consumes very little power. It is also worthwhile to use a small amount of electricity to extend the service life of the laser.
5. Avoid condensation on the fiber head
Because the external optical fiber head is in an open environment, the temperature and humidity in the open environment are generally uncontrollable. In order to avoid condensation of the external optical fiber head, the cooling water temperature of the external optical fiber head needs to be adjusted to 30 degrees or above, which must be higher than the dew point temperature of the air in the environment of the optical fiber head. It is strictly forbidden to use low temperature water to cool the optical fiber head.
The above five points are some effective measures to reduce the risk of fiber laser condensation. If you encounter other problems in the process of using the fiber laser cutting machine, you can leave us a message for consultation, and our technicians will reply to you as soon as possible. I hope it helps you.

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