What's the difference between Oscillating Knife and laser cutting machine

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Oscillating Knife is the use of blade high frequency vibration cutting, vibration per minute tens of thousands of times, cutting efficiency is high.Laser machine in cutting flexible materials.Compared to the rotary knife

How does a  Oscillating Knife work?


Vibrating knife is the use of high frequency vibration cutting blade up and down, ten thousand times per minute vibration, cutting efficiency is high, suitable for carbon fiber, leather,

PVC, glass fiber, fiber cotton, prepreg cloth, aramide fiber, ceramic fiber, XPE material, silk coil, silica gel, rubber, acrylic, KT board and other materials


What is the difference between  Oscillating Knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine?


#Laser cutting machine

Laser machine in cutting flexible materials.Compared to the rotary knife, the cutting surface is very good, clean and smooth.But the maintenance of laser machine is also more, the need for water cooling.

Because laser cutting is done by high temperature, there is a high chance of leaving a yellow or even black mark after cutting the fabric.

Another disadvantage is that the smell is so strong that the environmental protection departments in many places only check it within three or two days.

Too thick a material will not cut through.

cutting speed 0-600mm/s


#Oscillating Knife cutting machine

Vibrating knife cutting up and down vibration, tens of thousands of vibration per minute, similar to the principle of the saw blade, but no serrated, will not produce powder, vibration knife can be free to replace the head, according to different materials, you can choose round knife, half cutter, drag knife, oblique cutting knife, milling knife and so on.

Vibrating knife cut out of the finished product is clean, smooth edge, and the size of the cut piece is accurate, odorless, more environmental protection, soft and hard materials eat all, cushion cushion leather modification system are very good use.

It cuts twice as fast or more than a laser.It is also the first choice of many enterprises.

cutting speed 200-1500mm/s

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