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Fiber laser cutters are becoming more and more common
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    In recent years, with the rapid development of the laser industry, the advantages of laser cutting have become more and more obvious. From traditional plasma cutting machines, carbon dioxide laser cutters, CNC punching machines, solid laser cutters to the present, more and more customers choose more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly fiber laser cutters for comprehensive comparison.
    With the development of laser technology, lasers are becoming more and more popular in industries such as sheet metal processing, environmental protection equipment, chassis electrical cabinets, agricultural machinery, kitchen appliances and bathrooms, auto parts, sports equipment, elevator equipment, and advertising signs. Laser has become a tool, and the price has dropped a lot a few years ago.
    Like aluminum, copper has high reflectivity and good thermal conductivity, so an "anti-reflection device" is required when laser cutters cut. Laser cutting brass with thickness less than 1mm can be cut with nitrogen, and copper with thickness less than 2mm can be cut.
    High cutting efficiency. Due to the transmission characteristics of lasers, laser cutters are generally equipped with multiple numerical control worktables, and the entire cutting process can be completely numerically controlled. In the machining process, only by changing the NC program can it be applied to cutting of different shapes. It can be used for two-dimensional cutting and three-dimensional cutting.
    With the continuous development of the market, professional copper laser cutting processing is not only used in the fitness equipment industry, but also in other fields, such as medical equipment, automation companies, display equipment, automotive industry, metal furniture, solar manufacturing, etc. Laser cutting of brass plates and copper pipes in Nanjing area Shanghai brass plate laser cutting Zhenjiang brass plate laser cutting brass plate laser cutting brass plate and copper pipe price.
    As one of the most popular cutting technologies, the fiber laser cutter has been widely used in the processing of fitness equipment. Compared with traditional cutting technology, laser cutting can cut better quality workpieces and reduce the processing process. In addition, as the thickness of the workpiece increases, compared with the traditional sheet metal cutting process that requires cutting, stamping and bending, it consumes a lot of molds and invests more costs. Laser cutting does not need to go through these processes, and the cutting effect is better.
    Compared with traditional sheet metal processing methods, laser cutters have the advantages of high cutting quality, fast cutting speed, and good flexibility. These are the advantages of laser cutting. This technique is very popular.

    At present, laser cutting technology is more and more favored by people, and has been widely used in the product processing industry. Now, metal processing manufacturers are choosing to use laser cutting to provide customers with processing. After cutting, the cutting surface is clean and smooth, without polishing and cleaning in the later stage. Iron plate is a metal material. It can be laser cut without contact with the material surface. In the cutting process, the speed is fast, the noise is low, and it is perfect in terms of environmental protection.
    Laser cutting can be used to process products of different materials without tool wear. Suitable for any material. Regardless of whether it is metallic or non-metallic, if laser cutting is used to process laser-cut iron plates, most of the thick plates can be cut to shape. Laser cutting is a high-precision, high-quality, high-efficiency processing method. It has better processing quality and processing time. At present, laser cutting has been widely used in different industries.
    Compared with traditional processing, laser cutting has better advantages. High-energy, highly flexible laser cutting technology is the best choice for the sheet metal processing industry in terms of accuracy, speed and efficiency.
    Compared with traditional processing, laser cutting can not only save a lot of time and space, but also cut various products with complex patterns and high precision requirements. Different products require different iron plate thickness and size, so laser cutting can save a lot of iron plate processing time. At the same time, the accuracy of the product can be guaranteed.
  Laser cutter metal processing is a new processing method, which has been widely used in various industries, and it also brings high efficiency production requirements to various industries. High-power laser cutters are widely used in metal processing. For common metal plates such as carbon steel and stainless steel, it can achieve fast cutting speeds, and can maintain a smooth section to ensure cutting thickness.
    Stainless steel laser cutter is suitable for: plate processing, rounding, bending, drilling, precision bearing accessory processing, industrial aluminum profile processing, laser cutting system, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other metal materials.
    3000w fiber laser cutter is a high-power laser cutter, mainly processing medium and thick plates. Power is one of the important factors that determine the price of a laser cutter. The maximum cutting thickness of different materials of 3000 W fiber laser cutter is: the maximum thickness of carbon steel is 20 mm, the maximum thickness of stainless steel is 10 mm, the maximum thickness of aluminum plate is 8 mm, and the maximum thickness of copper plate is 8 mm.
    When purchasing this large laser cutter, in addition to the reference price, it is more important to understand the industry reputation, product performance and after-sales service level, as well as whether the manufacturer’s after-sales service is timely, whether the transaction is over, and whether the manufacturer has potential Failure risk and so on.


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