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Laser cutter cutting metal materials
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    The power, speed and focus of laser cutting 4mm aluminum plates are different, which is related to the thickness of the material. The reflectivity of the aluminum plate is relatively high. If the ordinary carbon dioxide laser does not add the anti-reflective lens, it is best not to cut the aluminum plate, which will easily burn the mirror inside the laser. If the laser cutter cannot cut aluminum, it depends on the power of the laser. Generally speaking, a 6000 W laser cutter can cut to 16 mm, and a 4500 W laser cutter can cut to 12 mm.
    In the actual application process, the cutting ability of the laser cutter is also related to the quality of the cutter, laser type, cutting environment, cutting speed and many other factors. The use of auxiliary gas can also improve the cutting ability, so there is no absolute standard for determining the cutting thickness. . Different cutting equipment can provide different quality, so when choosing a laser cutting manufacturer, it is best to choose a manufacturer with a comparative advantage.
    Stainless steel is a metal material with good corrosion resistance. The choice of stainless steel laser cutter is very important, so products processed and manufactured with stainless steel can have good quality in use. If you want to ensure the quality of stainless steel products, otherwise it may cause delays in the production cycle or waste money, time and other resources. The laser has the characteristics of directional light emission, high energy density, and no burrs.
    Products will choose stainless steel for processing in life, because stainless steel is a metal material and has certain advantages in use. For example, carbon steel cutting mainly relies on oxygen combustion, and stainless steel cutting mainly relies on power.    Stainless steel can be widely used in various occasions. In order to make the product have a better effect in use, we can change the color of the plate surface or other changes, so that stainless steel can be used more widely.
    The laser cutter can not only cut carbon steel, but also stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, brass, galvanized sheet, etc. Widely used in sheet metal laser cutting processing, advertising sign text production, high and low voltage electrical cabinet production, mechanical parts, kitchenware, automobiles, machinery, handicrafts, saw blades, electrical parts, glasses industry, spring plates, circuit boards, electric kettles, Medical microelectronics, hardware, tool measuring tools and other industries. Acrylic, wood, two-color boards, composite boards, medium-density fiberboards, plastics and other materials are the best ways for laser cutters to display advertising, decoration, handicraft and model industry skills.

    What is the power of laser cutting 3mm stainless steel?
    Due to the light absorption characteristics of metal materials, general laser cutters cannot be used to cut metal materials. The laser cutter puts forward higher requirements for the processing of stainless steel metal materials. The cutting of stainless steel must be done by a metal fiber laser cutter.
    On the 1000 W fiber laser cutter, the remarkable advantage of laser cutting is: the cutting speed can reach 15m/min, which is much faster than the wire cutting speed.
    Good cutting quality: non-contact cutting, low thermal shock of the cutting edge, basically no thermal deformation of the workpiece, completely avoiding material collapse during punching and cutting, and generally does not require secondary processing.
    High precision: positioning accuracy is 0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy is 0.02mm, processing accuracy can be controlled within 0.1mm.
    Smooth cutting surface: There is no burr on the cutting surface, and the surface roughness of the cut is generally controlled within Ra12.5.
    Will not damage the workpiece: the laser cutting head will not contact the surface of the material to ensure that the workpiece will not be scratched during processing.
    Save materials: Use computer programming and professional software to scientifically and rationally integrate products of different shapes to improve material utilization.
    When choosing a laser cutter, many customers will compare the price of the laser cutter according to the different needs of different brands. 3mm stainless steel is a commonly used steel plate thickness, mainly used in kitchens, household appliances, office supplies, filing cabinets, handicrafts and other fields. Laser cutter is widely used in the fine engraving, engraving, cutting and hollowing of non-metallic materials such as advertising, furniture, leather, decoration, handicrafts, etc.
    Not only that, medium and high-power metal laser cutters and fiber laser cutters have also attracted the attention of small and medium-sized enterprises. The laser cutter is mainly used for rapid cutting and forming of metal materials such as plates, carbon steel, silicon steel, and stainless steel. In the market, the power of metal laser cutters is widely used between 1000 W and 12000 W. Each laser cutter has its technical peculiarity, which also reflects its value.
    Laser welder welding galvanized steel sheet
    Galvanized steel sheet refers to a steel sheet with a layer of zinc on the surface. In order to prevent corrosion of the steel plate surface and prolong the service life, a layer of metallic zinc is coated on the surface of the steel plate, which is called galvanized steel plate. Laser welding is a high-energy beam welding technology. It has the advantages of high energy density, high welding efficiency, large weld depth-to-width ratio, small heat-affected zone, small thermal deformation, and energy saving. It is very suitable for the requirements of precision welding technology and is also an actual production and The most widely researched and applied welding method during processing.
    The galvanized steel galvanized layer not only has a physical shielding effect, but also has an electrochemical protection effect on the steel substrate. Its good corrosion resistance makes galvanized steel widely used in many fields. In fact, galvanizing is an economical and effective anti-rust method. About half of the world's zinc production is used in this process.
    However, due to the presence of the galvanized layer in the galvanized steel, the welding process of the galvanized steel is greatly reduced. In the welding process of galvanized steel, the physical properties of the galvanized layer and the base steel are very different. The vaporization of the galvanized layer will take priority over the melting of the base steel, so the quality of the galvanized steel will be greatly affected during the welding process.

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