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How does the stone CNC router work
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    People like stone, because stone is a natural material, the change of color and vein change are completely normal, and no one is exactly the same. Hand-carving stone may require you to have a basic knowledge of art, and it takes a long time to practice. For the masonry workshop, the owner can hire experienced stone workers, or wait for the workers to practice and acquire skills.
    So, if there is a machine to help you, whether you take stone carving as a hobby or business, it will improve the efficiency of stone carving work in terms of speed and accuracy, with almost no errors, saving a lot of time and cost.
    1. CNC router
    How does it work?
    The CNC router is an engraving head and engraving tool, quite powerful, because the power of the engraving head can be as high as 3 kilowatts, 4.5 kilowatts, 6 kilowatts or more. You only need to design the pattern you want to engrave on the stone, and then command the CNC controller, and then the machine will "draw" the pattern you want.
    What stone can I carve with this cnc router?
    1) The stone has many different colors and textures. Polished to a smooth finish and scratches leave a white mark, making it easy to texture.
    2) Limestone
    3) Marble is a hard stone, worthy of being made with CNC router tools.
    3) Granite
    What are the options for the cnc router?
    When you buy a CNC router, you may need some accessories to assist the work of the wood CNC router.
    1) Dust removal system. When processing wood, it is easy to produce dust and powder. The dust removal system can effectively collect dust, avoid the impact of dust on the environment and the health of employees, and also protect the mechanical transmission system covered by dust.
    2) Vacuum pressing system. The system includes a vacuum pump, vacuum gauge, pipeline, dust hood and vacuum switch. Its function is to press wood or other materials tightly on the table to avoid the epitope problem that causes waste of processed materials. It is also an effective method of wood processing.
    3) Automatic tool changer you may need. The system allows the machine to automatically change the number of digits without the need for manual inversion. The CNC wood router knows which bit too chooses which particular job, because we have set commands in the program. It allows the wood CNC router to work uninterrupted.
    Are Chinese CNC routers too expensive for ordinary shops? ?
    Never again. In the past 10 years, the prices of software and hardware have dropped significantly. A simple three-axis Chinese CNC router starts at around $2,000. This is a well-equipped traditional home furnishing store. As we discussed in the question, it will elevate your carpentry work to a level you could never dream of. Remember, a complete 3-axis hybrid CNC system is provided to meet the requirements of wood workers, at all levels from home shop enthusiasts to production workshops.
cnc router

    2. Laser machine
    How does it work?
    The laser forming machine cooperates with the laser tube, and the laser engraving melts the surface of the stone. It acts directly on the material. Therefore, there is no need to produce molds.
    What stone can I engrave with a laser machine?
    Laser engraving is particularly suitable for polishing on stones, which may be dark natural stones such as granite, marble, ceramic or slate. The more uniform and finer the stone, the better the engraving effect. But because of their smooth surface, even pebbles can be etched well with laser.
    What other materials can these two machines process?
    They can carve all kinds of materials, such as wood, acrylic, plastic, leather, foam, etc.
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