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Failure analysis of fiber laser cutter
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    Fiber laser cutter has a very broad application market in precision cutting. On the one hand, fiber laser cutting has good accuracy and speed performance. On the other hand, the cost advantage of fiber laser cutting itself makes market users more inclined to choose such processing equipment. However, from the perspective of machine tool and hardware composition, the cutting method cannot avoid some problems in the use of equipment. This is the so-called good horse and good saddle, and the good use of fiber laser cutter is more to understand and regularly maintain the operator as the equipment.
    1. Factor analysis: The main factor affecting the damage of the fiber laser cutter is the working material. When analyzing influencing factors, it is necessary to understand the difference in the use of working materials for fiber laser cutters, which will directly determine the damage threshold of the working materials. In different situations, the difference is also greater.
    1) The quality of the working substance itself. When there are many impurity particles, bubbles, internal stress and other defects in the working substance, the damage threshold is low; when the surface treatment quality is low, there are many scratches and masking points, serious pollution, and low damage threshold .
    2) Related to optical resonators. If the focus and self-focus are formed in the working material, the local energy density will increase significantly, the front light effect will be obvious, and the working material will be easily destroyed.
    2. The narrower the pulse width, the lower the energy density. 2. Reason analysis: The main reasons for the damage of fiber laser cutting machine are as follows:
    1) Improper cooling or failure to cool will cause the high temperature of the working substance to rise, which will cause the volume of impurities to expand, melt and vaporize, generate large local stress around the impurities, and damage the matrix.
    2) Surface contamination and defects cause the intensity of the local light field to increase greatly, leading to excessive local absorption, forming damage centers, and lowering the surface damage threshold.
    3) When the internal optical pump is too strong or the energy density in the cavity is too strong, if the material destruction threshold is exceeded, the material will be destroyed.
    3. Preventive measures: the main measures to prevent damage to the fiber laser cutter:
    1) Avoid converging centers in or near the work material, try to use divergent beams or light beams with a wider and thicker light intensity to pass through the work material, improve the quality of the work material, and try to reduce impurity particles, bubbles, stripes, etc.;
    2) Avoid working above the threshold; improve surface polishing and coating quality; pay attention to dust and other substances polluting working materials;
    3) Ensure the normal operation of cooling water, and increase water temperature and flow detection protection measures.
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    The dual-platform metal laser cutter greatly improves production efficiency.
    When the metal laser cutter just came out, it was a style, that is, a single table. Later, in order to meet market demand, many laser cutter manufacturers began to introduce dual-table laser cutting machines and large-table laser cutters for customers to choose from.
    Advantages of dual platform laser cutter:
    1. Due to the non-contact processing, and the laser beam energy and movement speed of the laser cutting machine are adjustable, various processing can be completed.
    2. The diversification of processing materials is one of the advantages of laser cutters. It can process all kinds of metals, carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum plates and a series of plates.
    3. During the machining process, the workpiece is not affected by tool wear and cutting force.
    4. The heat-affected zone of the workpiece is small, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small, and the subsequent processing volume is small.
    6. Easy to guide, through focusing, the target conversion of various standards can be completed, and it is easy to cooperate with the CNC system. It is a very sensitive cutting method to stop the processing of complex workpieces.
    7. High initiative, can be completely enclosed processing, no pollution, low noise, greatly improving the task of the operator.
    8. The system itself is a set of computer systems, which can be easily arranged and modified, suitable for feature processing. Especially for sheet metal parts with complex shapes and complex shapes, the product life cycle is shorter. From the perspective of technology, economic cost and time, the production of molds is not cost-effective, and laser cutting is particularly advantageous.
    9. The processing energy density is large, the impact time is short, the thermally affected area is small, the thermal deformation is small, and the thermal stress is small. The laser is non-mechanical contact processing and has no mechanical stress effect on the workpiece, which is suitable for fine processing.
    10. Easy to load and unload. With three CNC operators, products can be produced and processed.
    The laser cutter for exchanging worktables has two worktables, which can be exchanged for processing during work. When one worktable is cut, the other worktable can cut and feed at the same time. After the cutting workbench is processed, it can be interchanged with other workbenches. The laser cutter can continue processing without waiting for cutting and feeding, which greatly saves standby time and improves work efficiency.
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