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ACCTEK new fiber laser cutter
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    Fiber laser cutter is a necessary equipment in the processing and manufacturing industry, and its leading technology has fundamentally improved the manufacturing level of industrial products, reflecting the manufacturing level of advanced industrial processing. The stainless steel laser cutter uses a xenon lamp as the excitation source to output a high-energy density laser beam to focus on the surface of the workpiece. Industrial laser cutter is constantly optimized from its own performance and processing technology to the convenience of human-computer interaction.
    The Panasonic servo drive system imported from Japan and the high-quality lead screw guide drive system have high precision and are suitable for cutting precision accessories; high-quality equipment is not only a production machine, but also creates value and benefits. Therefore, it is very important to choose a high-quality laser cutter in processing and production.
    In today's fast-developing market, laser cutter manufacturers are uneven, and the quality is uneven. How to let users buy real high-quality fiber laser cutter?
    The new ACCTEK machine adds an automatic rotating shaft to the fiber laser cutter.
    Plate and tube integration, one machine for both, saving space and cost; it can not only meet the production requirements of pipe cutting and plate cutting, but also help you expand your production scale; front and rear electric chucks, automatic adaptation, and intelligent cutting; before and after the pipe cutting device Equipped with an electric chuck, processing can be completed without any adjustment during the production process; comprehensive design and dual functions to meet complex cutting requirements; the integration of the two functions makes you more flexible in dealing with complex production requirements.
    Industrial application
    Due to the integrated design of plates and pipes, industrial adaptability has been greatly enhanced, including the machining of oil pipelines, fitness equipment and other pipes, as well as the machining of plates such as automobile manufacturing and chassis cabinets.
    Jinan AccTek Machinery Co.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing CNC Router and Laser machines.
    Since 2005 we have been based in the Industrial Zone of Jinan City, Shandong Province south of Beijing.
    Our main products are AccTek CNC Routers and Laser engraving and cutting machines. Stock or custom configurations are our specialty. Components for our machines are sourced from world class suppliers and innovators in machine control.
    These machines are used in many industries, crafts and arts businesses around the world. These include woodwork, metal and stone work, aluminum fabrication, boat building, shop fitting, mold making, to name a few.
    Our dedicated and highly skilled after sales service department, sales team, and thorough quality assurance procedures mean that you can buy with confidence.
    Now we own two workshops,one for cnc router and another for laser machines. Which covers 3000,0square meters. There are 40 members in manufacturing and 21 members for marketing and service.
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    How to maintain the laser cutter in daily life?
    The daily maintenance of the metal laser cutter directly affects the processing effect of the equipment, and carelessness is not allowed. Special attention should be paid to the following details:
    1. Environment: The working environment of the laser cutter should not be too bad. If the ambient temperature is higher than 30°C and lower than 18°C, excessive dust and serious air pollution will be produced. In this way, the machine will be damaged and the failure rate will continue to rise. In a humid environment, all electrical accessories are prone to problems.
    2. Lens: In order to check the focus lens and reflector, the lens frame will be heated after a period of work, and the surface of the lens will become discolored and rusty; peeling and cracking are the objects to be replaced, especially many customers use large air pumps and air compressors , This will cause water to accumulate on the focusing lens, so it is necessary to regularly ensure the cleanliness and quality of the lens in the optical system.
    3. Laser tube: The installation fulcrum must be reasonable, the fulcrum should be 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube, otherwise the laser spot pattern of the laser tube will become worse, and sometimes the laser spot will become several points within a period of time to increase the laser power Can't meet the requirements. The working current of the laser tube should be reasonable, and it cannot work at full power for a long time.
    4. Cleaning: timely remove the dirt and dust from the laser cutter body, cutting head, sensor and other parts to keep the appearance of the machine clean; timely clean the gloves, rags and other flammable materials in the machine tool to prevent fires during the cutting process; Clean the iron slag on the hopper waste car to ensure that the cutting waste falls off smoothly.
    5. Inspection: Before starting the machine every day, you must carefully check whether the working gas pressure and the pressure of the pressure reducing valve are working properly to avoid insufficient air pressure to affect the quality of the cutting section; check whether the cooling water circulation of the two channels is normal to avoid optical lenses Poor cooling affects the cutting quality and even damages the lens; check whether the air pipe of the cutting head is connected and the cooling water leaks to ensure the normal supply of gas and cooling water; check the protective lens and focus lens before cutting, and clean them in time to ensure Cutting quality and life of focusing lens.
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