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What can the CNC router do for us
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    With the rise of the home furnishing industry, the demand for woodworking furniture is increasing, which has also led to an increasing demand for woodworking cnc routers. However, when many people buy woodworking cnc routers, they don't know much about the machine, and they are often confused and do not know how to start. Today ACCTEK will explain to you the questions that many people often ask before buying woodworking cnc routers.
    Regarding the woodworking cnc router, we must first understand what the meaning of the word represents. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. Simply put, this means that the machine is controlled by a computer.
    1. So what can the CNC routers do for us?
    Obviously, it can make you money and take your woodworking work to a new level, but it does depend on the type of CNC system. The CNC lathe automates the turning process. You only need to draw the turning shape and let the CNC lathe do all the work.
    Chinese CNC routers usually have three axes; the X axis is along the length of the machine, the Y axis is perpendicular to the X axis, and the Z axis is usually up and down. A three-axis CNC router will allow you to cut parts and add details.
    2. There are still many people who think that it is necessary to learn a programming language like G code to control a CNC router. In fact, no need at all. The current software program only requires you to enter the picture, and then the program will automatically generate the code, completely without human writing.
    CAM allows you to create programs that rotate the spindle, including rope or barley twist, flutes, cones, faceted sections and turning details, even parts that are not drawn. You only need to answer a few questions and Conversation CAM will create the code for you.    The website has an amazing library or sculpture that you can buy and download to add to your project, eliminating modeling and creating your own sculpture. Of course, there is no harm in understanding a little G code. This is a simple code, you only need to learn some commands or codes to create your own programs or modify existing programs.
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    3. Should I buy all standard woodworking tools and machines before investing in a CNC router?
    Most traditional carpenters will agree, but consider this. If you want to improve your woodworking to a higher level than most hobbyists, the answer will be no. On average, each hobbyist spends US$6,000 to US$8,000 on tools and machines to provide their store with complete equipment. Obviously, it can do less or more, but this is average. If you invest in CNC router in the right China. First, you will be able to complete all tasks, you can use traditional tools and machines, plus more.
    Why spend twice on tools that accomplish the same task? The Chinese CNC router allows you to convert parts you have never thought of into various precision joinery, as well as cutting, modeling, sculpting and engraving almost any part you can imagine, at the same price as a well-equipped shop Roughly the same.
    4. For the five-axis engraving machine, many people think it has a veil of mystery. In fact, its structure is not very complicated. Comparing it with a three-axis CNC router, there are probably differences in the following aspects.
    1) Axis configuration: The three-axis CNC router is a three-axis and a plane table, used for forming, forming and engraving plane parts. Some CNC manufacturers allow you to add bolt attachments to the center between the fourth axis. The five-axis CNC router is built on turning and includes an exclusive 5th axis, controlled adjustable bed.
    Without this feature, you cannot grind out a tapered part, including rope and barley twists, and many other router bit profile operations. Although it is possible to carve a tapered rope, it will take hours instead of minutes and require a lot of sanding to complete the part. Once again, we pioneered the ornamental milling technology, which no one else has.
    2) Two-bed design: Most CNC routers in China have flat plates (beds), and the five-axis cnc router has a set of fixed armrests, which are used to install a table when working with plates or flat stocks, and another adjustable The bed is used for turning.
    3) Open frame structure: The unique open frame structure allows you to quickly and easily attach accessories, such as a flat workbench for processing plates, goods or clips, and place your parts horizontally or vertically on the machine. This feature allows you to machine dovetail or tenon and tenon machines at the end of the part.
    4) Smart tool: This function allows you to insert a Chinese CNC router and press start. The machine will automatically touch the smart tool to set the center or processing plane stock between Z axis. No more tool tables or manual access to parts. You just need to change the bit and press Go. This is the fastest and easiest way to set the Z axis depth for each tool.
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