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Is second-hand fiber laser cutter worth buying
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    What are the disadvantages of buying a second-hand fiber laser cutter?
    The processing technology of laser cutter has excellent performance in the market, and its unique processing characteristics have become a good story in the machinery and equipment industry. Therefore, due to the supply and demand in the market, laser cutter equipment has become a popular product. Due to the demand of many industries and vigorous production, it has also driven economic changes in the entire market. The emergence of second-hand laser cutter has become a entanglement in the market, which makes some companies worry about the choice of laser equipment. Is second-hand laser cutter worth it?
    Used laser cutter is the laser cutter used early. Due to the special needs of resale, it is called a second-hand laser cutter. It loses the function of the new laser cutter. Therefore, most laser cutter manufacturers currently do not support the purchase and sale of second-hand laser cutters.
    There are several reasons for the analysis:
    1. Recycled second-hand laser cutter is unlikely to be its own brand equipment. Under normal circumstances, manufacturers with strong brand power do not use laser cutters to recycle their own brands, which also makes the first process of recycling used laser cutters impossible.
    2. In the second-hand laser cutter, we do not fully understand the user's early working process, nor do we fully understand the working condition of the equipment. Because there are many factors hidden in the equipment that we cannot control, this completely realizes the risk of a second-hand laser cutter.
    3. As the user needs to sell, can you confirm that the laser cutter equipment cannot create value for them, or the technical content or processing effect of the equipment cannot meet the needs of the industry, or the equipment warranty period has expired, and other defects. If you buy, these The risk needs to be borne by you.
    4. The price difference between the new laser cutter and the second-hand laser cutter is not much. If we can and plan to buy a second-hand laser cutter, why not increase the price to buy a new one? With a good guarantee with the new laser cutter, and a perfect after-sales team, why not?

    Advantages of fiber laser cutter in material processing
    With the rapid development of laser technology, laser cutter has been widely used in various fields and has played an important role in sheet metal processing, metal processing and kitchenware industries. The core laser cutter is a laser. At present, there are still a large number of imported laser cutter in the ultra-high power section. Many foreign laser processing companies focus on the broad market for laser processing in China in the future, and they have settled in coastal cities in China.
    Advantages of fiber laser in cutting processing;
1. Good beam quality, with good monochromaticity, directionality and stability;
2. High conversion efficiency, multiple output wavelengths, and good stability;
3. Business requirements and maintenance
4. Simple structure, small area;
5. Whether imported or domestic fiber lasers, the cutting speed is 2-3 times that of equal power CO2 lasers. Especially in the cutting of metal sheets, the cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machines has obvious advantages. The beam quality is good, the cutting gap is small, and the cutting edge is flat.
    The CO2 laser needs optical path adjustment, and the effect of optical path adjustment will affect the cutting quality. Operators need to have certain technical requirements and need to maintain the external optical path; YAG solid-state lasers have obvious thermal lens effects and require frequent maintenance; fiber laser fiber transmission , No need to adjust, maintain, high stability, easy to operate.
    Currently, fiber lasers have been widely used in the domestic market. In terms of quality, imported fiber lasers are better than domestic fiber lasers, and the price is relatively expensive. This mainly depends on the company's budget range and how much power equipment needs to be purchased. If the equipment is in the low-power part below 3000 W, the laser made in China is sufficient. It is more cost-effective to consider IPG lasers above 3000 W. Therefore, when purchasing laser cutter,, if you need to purchase imported configurations, you must consult the manufacturer.

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