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Why can fiber laser cutters replace co2 laser cutters
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    Why can fiber laser cutters replace co2 laser cutters?
    With the rapid development of laser equipment today, the replacement of old equipment by new equipment has become the new mainstream of the manufacturing industry, such as fiber laser cutters replacing CO2 laser cutters. Why fiber laser cutters can replace CO2 laser cutters is analyzed from the following three aspects.
    1. Maintenance cost.
    The maintenance cost of CO2 laser cutter is high, the front mirror and tail mirror are expensive, the turbine bearing life is short, and the replacement cost is high. The fiber laser cutter is maintenance-free, basically free of consumables, can withstand harsh working environments, and has high dust resistance, impact resistance, impact resistance, humidity resistance, and temperature resistance.
    2. Processing cost.
    The photoelectric conversion rate of CO2 laser cutter is much lower than that of fiber laser cutter. Laser tube is a kind of consumer product. Under the same power, fiber optic equipment can make better use of laser to create value, so the cost of fiber optic processing is lower. Of course, the purchase price of fiber optic equipment is higher than that of carbon dioxide equipment.
    3. Technology.
    The CO2 laser has a complex structure, high maintenance costs, and large beam divergence during processing, which is not suitable for large-format processing. Although the cutting seam is relatively thin, the processing speed of thick plates is very slow. The laser characteristics of the fiber laser cutters are embodied in the aspects of miniaturization, intensiveness, high brightness and high conversion rate. In thin plate processing, the same power fiber laser cutter is 2-3 times faster than CO2 cutting, and the cutting section is smooth.
    The above is the reason why the CO2 laser cutter is gradually eliminated, and also the reason why the fiber laser cutter can quickly gain a foothold in the market and gradually replace the traditional cutting process. It is precisely because of its technical advantages that it provides the necessary for the realization of product finishing. Process technology.
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    How to effectively control the cost of laser cutter?
    Is the cost of laser cutter effectively controlled? When customers put into use laser equipment, they may know little about the equipment. In most cases, if you do not control the cost of the laser cutter, it will cost more. Therefore, users hope that there are some ways to control its cost. Let's take a look at how to control the operating cost of the laser cutter.
    Methods to reduce the cost of using metal laser cutters:
    1. The metal laser cutter can minimize the number of times the laser is turned on and off during the normal working process. If the metal laser cutters cannot be used normally, you can turn off the laser. Second, minimize the power used to save power consumption.
    2. The metal laser cutter must be used in strict accordance with the operating procedures. Metal laser cutter is a kind of high-tech equipment. If used improperly, it will affect the whole machine system, cause the quality of the cut workpiece to be unstable, and seriously affect the quality of the equipment. This is an unworthy loss.
    3. The focusing lens of the metal laser cutter has a good cleaning effect. The focusing lens is the only lens that contacts the processing surface. During the operation of the laser cutter, some metal slag and dust will be generated and attached to the focusing lens. If it is not cleaned in time, it will reduce the light transmittance, increase the heat absorption capacity, affect the cutting accuracy, and even damage the lens. Timely cleaning of the focus lens can reduce unnecessary material waste and the cost of lens replacement.
    4. After the metal laser cutter works for a long time, a certain degree of wear will occur between the parts, which will cause equipment instability and affect the cutting accuracy. Therefore, equipment maintenance is also a way to prolong the service life of the equipment and improve cutting accuracy.
    5. Nearly 80% of the operating cost of the laser cutter comes from gas consumption. As the main energy source for laser cutters and CNC laser cutters, familiarity with and understanding of the gas application principles of laser cutters will help reduce gas usage costs.
    The above is the relevant introduction to effectively control the use cost of the laser cutter, usually focusing on the maintenance of the equipment in operation. On the one hand, it can reduce the use cost of the metal laser cutter. On the other hand, it can extend the service life of the equipment and ensure the equipment Cutting quality.
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