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How to adjust the laser cutting machine
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    Analysis of the reasons for the decline of metal laser cutting machine
    In recent years, compared with traditional mechanical cutting, fiber laser cutting technology has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, low roughness, high material utilization, and high production efficiency. Especially in the field of fine cutting, laser cutting has traditional cutting characteristics. But in some special cases, the fiber laser cutting machine is greatly reduced, so what is the reason? Now let us analyze the factors that affect the effect of fiber laser cutting machine!
    1. The environment and conditions of the production site have a great influence on the power of the fiber laser cutting machine. For example, there is a lot of dust and smoke at the production site. Some users place spray paint near the fiber laser cutting machine, which will affect the fiber laser cutting. The cutting quality and cutting ability of the machine.
    2. The nozzle of the cutting head of the laser cutting machine is also very important. The nozzle of the cutting head is installed at the front end of the processing head to help control the auxiliary gas, protect the focusing lens, maintain a stable distance between the workpiece and the nozzle during the cutting process, and prevent splashing during the cutting process. In actual use, when there are different axial directions between the nozzle and the laser output beam, in order to ensure effective cutting and avoid problems such as excessively wide cutting welds, nozzle damage, and melting of the cutting section, it is necessary to adjust the center of the nozzle hole and the laser beam The center of the coaxial adjustment.
    3. At the same time, the impact balance point should be debugged. When cutting a specific product, we usually need to adjust the best balance point. Sometimes, if the control is not appropriate, the accuracy and quality of the cutting may be very different.
    4. The laser itself will have some problems. The first is the stability of the optical path, because the laser is a strict loss product. Just like our car engine, you don’t know how to maintain it. The fiber laser cutting machine needs regular maintenance and maintenance of the external optical path of the laser generator. In fact, after the laser of the laser cutting machine works for a period of time, the power drop is inevitable. When power drops affect production, the laser and the external optical path must be maintained. When the repair is completed, the cutting capacity will be restored to the level of the factory.
    In fact, for laser cutting equipment, no matter how good the laser equipment is, there will be attenuation and aging. No matter the product is good or bad, there are certain defects. Therefore, when using a fiber laser cutting machine, you should pay attention to its maintenance and fully understand the reasons for the attenuation of the fiber laser cutting machine. These are some of the factors that affect the effect of fiber laser cutting machine, I hope it can help you!
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    How to adjust the laser cutting machine to make cutting faster and better?
    With the rapid growth of my country's metal industry production and consumption, sheet metal processing technology has also been rapidly developed, especially the laser cutting machine, which has brought an unprecedented leap in sheet metal processing.
    In fact, both machines and people need regular maintenance to maintain relatively good operating conditions. In fact, there are some ways to adjust the machine for slow or bad cutting. Today's editor will introduce several ways to improve the cutting effect and speed of the laser cutting machine.
    First, adjust the parameters of the laser cutting machine to increase the cutting speed.
    The machine parameter setting is one of the main reasons that affect the cutting speed of the machine tool. In general, if the parameter adjustment is not good, the cutting speed will be bad. Parameters are like a series of actions related to driving, starting, accelerating and other actions. If the parameters are set improperly, like when a car starts, you switch to the second gear to start, and it will shake when starting.
    When adjusting this parameter, usually pay attention to the following points:
    1. Initial speed: As the name suggests, this setting is the speed at which the machine starts, such as the starting speed of a car during driving. Many customers have a misunderstanding that the greater the initial speed, the better, but in fact, this is wrong. If the initial speed of the laser machine is set too high, the jitter of the machine will be great.
    2. Acceleration: Acceleration refers to the speed of the accelerator during driving. This is the time from the initial speed to the normal cutting of the machine. When the machine is cutting different patterns, it is a constant starting, stopping and stopping process. If the acceleration is set too low, the cutting speed will slow down.
    The second is to adjust the mechanical assembly to improve the cutting effect.
    1. Rail installation: the installation of rails must be done in parallel. If the installation is not parallel, there will be resistance when the machine is running. If it gets stuck while walking, there will be saw teeth when cutting. Therefore, only two parallel lines can be installed on the two guide rails in the Y direction, and there is no error between the two.
    2. The installation position of the beam and the coupling is not good. When the machine beam and coupling are installed, the screws are not locked, or the lock is inclined, etc., it will happen.
Therefore, in the daily use of the laser cutting machine, preventive measures must not be ignored, and the laser cutting machine must be maintained regularly to make the equipment run longer.
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