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Precautions for laser cutting machine purchase
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    What should customers pay attention to when buying laser cutting machine equipment?
    Many manufacturers do not know how to judge the processing quality of the fiber laser cutting machine. Buyers are often blind when choosing laser equipment and sometimes overlook the more important aspects of judgment.
    As an effective processing tool, fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in the processing and manufacturing of various industries. However, when many people buy and use laser cutting machines, they do not know its processing quality, so how should we judge? Then choose high-quality, low-cost laser cutting products? The following editor will tell you from four main aspects, how to judge the quality of the metal laser cutting machine?
    The first is rough. Metal laser cutting machine is a high-quality and efficient processing tool. When the laser beam acts on the metal plate, it will form a vertical line. The deeper the line, the rougher the cross-sectional surface. The power of the cutting machine we use is that when the thickness of the sheet matches the thickness of the metal laser cutting machine, the cutting section is lubricated, there are no streaks, and no brittle fracture. Roughness affects not only the appearance of the edge, but also the characteristics of the edge. In most cases, the lower the roughness, the higher the processing quality.
    Second, verticality. For high-power metal laser cutting, when the thickness of the material we want to process exceeds 1cm, the perpendicularity of the cutting edge becomes very important. When leaving the focus, the laser beam diverges. Depending on the direction of the focus, the crop becomes wider toward the top or bottom. The cutting edge is a few hundredths of a millimeter higher than the vertical line. The more vertical the margin, the higher the cutting quality.
    Third, the cutting width. Generally speaking, the cutting width does not affect the quality, but when a particularly precise pattern is formed inside the part, the cutting width needs to reach the smallest inner diameter to complete. When the thickness of the board is increased, the cutting width is also increased. Therefore, if the same high precision is to be guaranteed, no matter how large the jam width is, the workpiece should be stable in the area of ​​the laser cutting machine.
    Four, glitches. During the processing of the metal laser cutting machine, the laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece, continuously outputs energy to evaporate the surface of the workpiece, and then evaporates, and the slag on the surface of the workpiece is blown away by the auxiliary gas. If the auxiliary gas is not used, burrs will form after the slag cools and adhere to the cutting surface. Because removing the burr requires extra work, the quality of cutting can be intuitively judged by querying the number of burrs.
    Some suggestions for friends who need to buy fiber laser cutting machine:
    1. Does the laser cutting machine manufacturer have its own production strength? This can usually be investigated under the quality and quantity of the manufacturer's laser cutting machine customers.
    2. The price of the laser cutting machine does not meet the market price. Nowadays, the prices of laser cutting machines that are very common in the market are generally within a certain range. If it is outside the price, if it is high, it is necessary to talk to the merchant. Speaking of, if it is lower than this price, it may be inferior, second-hand or refurbished, and more likely to be a fake laser cutting machine. In particular, if you can buy a powerful machine for hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is the temptation to poison apples. Don't get caught.
    Therefore, in the process of purchasing the machine, more on-site inspections are required. The above are the matters that customers need to pay attention to when purchasing laser cutting machine equipment.

    Laser cutting machines have developed rapidly in recent years. From the initial solid-state laser equipment to the fiber laser cutting machine that can be seen everywhere, from the low power consumption of 200 to 300 watts to the current 10,000 watt level, our laser technology is still continuously reducing the price of laser cutting machines, far lower Prices in previous years. For friends who buy equipment, this is a very happy thing. No matter what kind of laser you can buy, you must use it. The laser is activated. The laser cutting machine has really entered our lives.  With the rapid development of laser cutting machines, the competition behind it is also very fierce! According to statistics, there are at least hundreds of laser equipment manufacturers nationwide, and their scales are uneven.
    For most customers, buying equipment will compare products, so competition between peers is definitely essential! In addition to configuration, customers who purchase equipment also care about price and after-sales service.
    This is also the point of competition for major manufacturers. Price competition is the most common among peer competition. When you consult a power supply device, there may be a price difference of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. For those who don’t understand, you may think that the manufacturers with high prices are too unreliable and the prices are too high. Do you want me to be fooled? Ask about the configuration of each device and compare prices. When it comes to configuration and technology, many people may say that the laser belongs to others.    For your manufacturer, this is just assembling them together.
    No technology is required. Yes, it is true on the surface. Therefore, many people believe that the threshold of the laser cutting machine industry is relatively low and the profits are high. It only needs to attract a few people to do it, but how much is manufactured and how much is sold. As mentioned earlier, there are many manufacturers and the equipment produced is very cheap. Due to cost constraints, the spare parts and machine tools used are naturally poor. Just like these manufacturers, there is usually no long-term sustainable strategic deployment, no core technology, and low-end products. Simple assembly will do. If you need to learn some high-tech things without professionals, it is impossible for him to make good equipment with the same parts. In addition to lasers, laser machines are also important for laser equipment.
    The same laser, equipment manufactured by different manufacturers, some can be used for several years without major problems, and some have minor problems every day, and even more traps appear. The manufacturer has no way to solve this problem. The injured person is the person who bought the equipment. Otherwise, the equipment must be compared, otherwise the production will be delayed and the production will not be delivered on time. The loss will be more serious.

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