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The laser cutting machine‘s protective mirror needs to be cleaned
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    How to clean the protective lens of the laser cutting machine?
    The optical lens in the laser system is a consumable. In order to prolong the service life and reduce the cost of use as much as possible, the lens must be cleaned in strict accordance with this specification.
    During the replacement process, the placement, inspection and installation of the optical lens must be protected from damage and contamination. After installing a new lens, it should be cleaned regularly. Of course, cleaning lenses cannot be the same as wiping glasses, you must pay more attention.
    When laser cutting materials, a large amount of gas and splashes will be released from the work surface. These gas and splashes can damage the lens. When contaminants fall on the surface of the lens, they absorb energy from the laser beam, creating a thermal lens effect. If the lens does not generate thermal stress, the operator can disassemble and clean it.
    During the installation and cleaning of the lens, any sticky substances on the nails, even oil drops, will increase the absorption rate of the lens and shorten the service life.
    The following precautions should be taken:
1. Do not install the lens with a light finger. Finger gloves or rubber gloves should be worn.
2. Do not use sharp instruments to avoid scratching the surface of the lens.
3. Don't touch the film when shooting the lens, but grab the edge of the lens.
4. The lens should be placed in a dry and clean place for testing and cleaning. A good workbench should have several layers of cleaning paper towels and several paper towels on the surface.
5. The user should avoid talking above the lens, and keep food, beverages and other potential pollutants away from the work environment.
    When cleaning the lens, a relatively low-risk method should be used. The following steps are set up for this purpose,
    The user should take these steps.
    1. Use a blower to blow off the floating objects on the original surface, especially if there are fine particles and flocs on the surface of the lens, this step is necessary. But do not use compressed air in the production line, because these air will contain oil mist and water droplets, which will deepen the pollution of the lens.
    2. Gently clean the lens with analytical acetone. This level of acetone is almost anhydrous, which reduces the possibility of lens contamination.
A cotton ball soaked in acetone must be cleaned under light, and then the circle moves. Once the cotton swab is soiled, it must be replaced. Cleaning should be done at the same time to avoid ripples. If the lens has two coated surfaces, such as a lens, each surface needs to be cleaned in this way. The first side needs to be placed on a layer of clean lens paper for protection.
    3. If acetone cannot remove all the dirt, use acid vinegar for cleaning. Sour vinegar is used to dissolve dirt to remove dirt, but it will not cause damage to optical lenses. This vinegar can be experimental grade (diluted to 50% strength), or white vinegar and 6% acetic acid for household use. The cleaning process is the same as the acetone cleaning, then the acid vinegar is removed with acetone and the lens is dried. At this time, the cotton ball must be replaced frequently to fully absorb acid and hydrate. Until cleaned up.
    4. When the dirt and lens cannot be removed due to cleaning, especially the film burnt due to metal splash and dirt, good performance can only be restored by replacing the lens. Note: During the installation process, if the method is not correct, the lens will be contaminated, so the aforementioned operating procedures must also be followed.
    When the lens is properly cleaned and operated, its service life and performance will undoubtedly be significantly improved, which is also one of the important ways to improve the life and stability of the laser cutting machine. Taking certain preventive and maintenance measures can ensure the long working time and high stability of the whole laser machine.

    laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing
    At present, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually become popular in my country's major metal processing industries. With the development of the market economy, higher requirements are put forward for the speed, quality and economy of the cutting machine. More and more companies are applying thin-sheet fiber laser cutting machines to the field of sheet metal processing.
    The sheet metal industry is one of the important application markets for laser processing. The transformation of processing methods is the general trend, which provides a broad space for the application of laser equipment such as laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, and laser marking machines in the sheet metal industry. In most manufacturing industries, sheet metal processing involves machinery, electrical, instrument, kitchen, bathroom and other industries, so fiber laser cutting machines occupy an important position in the sheet metal industry.
In view of the current problems in traditional sheet metal cutting, the demand for laser cutting is also increasing. The reasons for the popularity of star-shaped sheet metal laser cutting machines in the sheet metal processing industry are as follows. Let us understand.
    1. Realize automatic nesting, high material utilization, no tool wear, and good material adaptability;
    2. Slit, high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity;
    3. Laser cutting has the advantages of high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high production efficiency and short production cycle. Both simple parts and complex parts can be formed and cut by laser cutting;
    4. The fiber laser cutting machine has fast speed and good stability. The electro-optical conversion rate, actual utilization rate, energy efficiency and cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine are much higher than that of CO2 metal laser cutting machine. Using fiber laser, stable performance. The precision workbench is adopted, the light spot is small, and the cutting quality is high.
    5. Fiber laser cutting machine has the advantages of low energy consumption, convenient maintenance and low pollution.

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