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Fiber laser cutting machine has outstanding advantages
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Do you know the details of fiber laser cutting machine?
  Metal laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine using fiber laser generator as light source. Fiber laser is a new type of fiber laser that has been developed recently. It outputs a high-energy-density laser beam, which is concentrated on the surface of the workpiece, so that the area on the workpiece is melted by the ultra-fine focal spot and vaporized instantly. The irradiation position of the light spot is moved by the numerical control system, which realizes the automatic cutting of non-contact processing with high speed and precision.
    However, the metal laser cutting machine is not omnipotent, and we should pay attention to its own limitations, such as restrictions on material performance, strict processing specifications, etc.
    Let us talk about the processing categories of fiber laser cutting machines. Before fiber laser cutting machine, it mainly belongs to the processing category of metal laser cutting machine, mainly cutting metals, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, aluminum zinc sheet and other metal plates and pipes .
    Fiber laser cutting machine is not recommended to cut rare metal materials such as aluminum and copper for a long time, because these materials are highly reflective materials (Note: high reflection has nothing to do with the smoothness of the cutting surface of the plate, mainly because the wavelength of the laser is not in the ideal absorption of these materials Within the range, the absorption effect is poor, most of the energy is reflected back, and the front part of the laser head is easily damaged. The long-term use effect is not good, and the consumption of consumables increases.
    Depending on the power of the fiber laser cutting machine, the cutting thickness will also change. The greater the power, the greater the cutting thickness; the thinner the metal material, the faster the cutting speed. The advantage of the fiber laser cutting machine for thin plate cutting is very obvious.
    Let's talk about the processing technology of fiber laser cutting machine. Since the price of fiber laser cutting machine in my country is not very "humane" at present, it must be processed and maintained frequently during use to extend the service life of the equipment and greatly improve the working efficiency of the equipment.
    First, always check the steel belt. The steel belt plays a very important role in the operation of the laser cutting machine. When the equipment is running, the tension of the steel belt needs to be guaranteed. Otherwise, once there is a problem with the action, it may harm employees or even threaten their personal safety. The steel belt seems to be a small matter, but once a problem occurs, it will seriously affect safety in production.
    Secondly, because the laser cutting machine directly vaporizes the metal surface during cutting, a large amount of dust is often generated on the surface and inside of the cutting machine. Therefore, a vacuum cleaner is often used to suck up the dust to ensure that the machine is free of stains and effectively maintain Normal operation between parts.
    In addition, many parts of the frame, guide rail and cutting machine need to be lubricated from time to time to stabilize the gear meshing accuracy during operation. To keep the machine running on the normal track, the precision of cutting products must be higher.
    In the daily maintenance of the equipment, strict inspection of the equipment and its parts can fundamentally guarantee the normal production of the machinery. At the same time, if any parts are damaged during use, they should be replaced in time. This not only protects the machine itself, but also ensures that the laser cutting machine always maintains the ideal cutting effect.
laser cutter

    Laser cutting machines are widely used in the field of sheet metal processing. Its outstanding advantages are praised by everyone. Compared with other cutting methods, laser cutting machine has the following outstanding advantages:
1. The cutting speed is fast, generally more than 10 times that of the mechanical method. Especially suitable for high-speed cutting of medium and thick plates.
2. The cutting precision is fast, and the width of the cutting seam is small, the minimum is 0.10mm, generally in the range of 0.13-0.38mm. It can accurately cut parts with complex shapes and sharp corners. The cutting positioning accuracy can reach ±0.1mm. The repeatability is 0.03mm.
3. The power density of laser cutting is very high, the action time of laser cutting is very short, the surrounding heat-affected zone is small, and the deformation of the workpiece is small.
4. Good incision parallelism, small surface roughness and clean blade.
5. Without touching the tools, the production cycle can be greatly shortened and the cost can be reduced.
6. Good flexibility. It can cut both flat workpieces and three-dimensional workpieces. You can start from any point, and the cutting can move in any direction.
7. In the absence of tool wear loss, automatic control is realized.
8. Low sound and vibration, less environmental pollution.
9. Has a wide range of processing adaptability. It can cut both metal plates and non-metallic materials. It can also cut fragile materials and extremely soft and hard materials.
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