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How to choose auxiliary gas for laser cutting machine
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    How to choose auxiliary gas for laser cutting equipment?
    The laser cutting machine needs to be equipped with auxiliary gases, mainly oxygen, nitrogen and air. When the fiber laser cutting machine is processing the workpiece, it will be irradiated by the laser focus, and the alternate irradiation area will melt and vaporize instantly. Then, the on-site position is moved through the numerical control equipment system to realize automatic cutting.
    1. Compressed air.
To a certain extent, the oxide film is reduced and the cost is saved. Generally, it is used when the cutting board is not thick and the end requirements are not high.
    2. Nitrogen.
Nitrogen is an inert gas, which can prevent oxidation and combustion of the cut end face of the product (which is easy to occur when the plate is thick). For high-demand end face cutting products, nitrogen can be selected, which will be exposed without treatment.
    3. Oxygen.
    Oxygen mainly plays a role in supporting combustion. It can increase the cutting speed and thickness. Oxygen is suitable for thick plate cutting, high-speed cutting and thin plate cutting. For example, some blocked carbon steel and some thick carbon steel structural parts can use oxygen.
Under higher auxiliary gas pressure, the reason for the decrease in cutting speed is not only high air velocity and suspended area, but also higher gas pressure can increase cutting speed, but after reaching the set value, increase gas pressure to reduce cutting speed reduce. The cooling effect is enhanced, and it is the interference of the intermittent shock wave in the air on the cooling of the laser area.
    The unevenness of pressure and temperature in the airflow will cause changes in the air field density. This density gradient will cause changes in the refractive index in the field, which will dry up the focus of the beam energy and cause the beam to refocus or diverge. This interference will affect the fusion efficiency and sometimes change the mode structure. If the beam diverges too much, it will cause the cutting quality to decrease. Make the site too large, and even unable to effectively reduce the serious consequences.
    Application of auxiliary gas:
1. Compressed air: widely used in the processing of sheet metal cabinets, cabinets and other products.
2. Nitrogen: processing some parts of the decoration industry, aerospace and other parts;
The laser cutting machine uses different auxiliary gases to cut different materials. The pressure and required flow rate of the auxiliary gas vary with the thickness of the cutting material.

    Application of laser cutting in the chassis industry
    The chassis refers to the cabinet formed by sheet metal processing equipment. Carrying out a variety of new applications, the application range of cabinets is getting wider and wider, and the performance is getting higher and higher. The efficiency can be improved more effectively.
As the manufacturing industry, the biggest processing problem faced by cabinets is still the waste of materials and time consumption. At present, through the continuous growth of market demand for product aesthetics, the complexity of products is also increasing, and the speed of product innovation is also accelerating. Traditional processing methods are obviously insufficient.
    Laser cutting uses "beam" instead of traditional mechanical knives. The cutting speed is fast, clear and smooth. Normally, no post-treatment is required. It is suitable for almost all types of metal materials, no matter it is a simple or complex part, it can be quickly and accurately formed at one time. Using software graphics to coordinate the zooming work, no mold is required, and even the miniaturization of the product can be achieved, and the cost of the mold is greatly reduced.
    Manufacturers such as chassis room, safety cabinet, filing cabinet, exchange cabinet choose laser cutting equipment. The advantage is the stability, speed and accuracy of the equipment. There is no need to perform secondary processing on the workpiece, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost. At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce market competition in the cabinet and cabinet industry, multi-variety and small-batch products are becoming more and more popular in the market. The flexible processing method of laser cutting greatly improves the quality of products, and also greatly shortens the R&D and production cycle, which brings strong competitiveness to customers.

   Application of laser cutting in advertising industry
    Here, laser technology can express different needs in different ways, such as light and shadow, vocal music, and actions that people like to see. This magical effect reflects the characteristics of laser technology. Energetic. The application of signs and signs is one of the main areas where laser processing technology is widely used.
    The promotion and application of laser cutting machines have injected new vitality into the advertising industry and promoted the development of signs and signs. As the cost of the laser cutting machine advertising industry, the demand for laser cutting machines is increasing at an annual rate of more than 20%.
    According to statistics, the current penetration rate of laser processing equipment in this industry is less than 5%. With the development of the industry, the replacement demand for upgrading tool processing equipment to laser cutting machines will accelerate, and the advertising industry will also emerge in the future. The market demand for more than 50,000 laser cutting machines has reached 1.1 billion, which is about 28 times the current market size.
    Xintian laser advertising special laser cutting machine is developed for the automatic cutting of metal plates in the advertising industry. The application of laser cutting machine in the advertising industry has the advantages of non-contact processing, high cutting precision, strong resolution, and fast speed. Advanced, easy to operate, fast, efficient, time-saving and labor-saving, it is the best choice for the advertising industry processor.

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