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What is the method to reduce the loss of fiber laser cutter
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    Ways to reduce the loss of fiber laser cutter
    Under the premise of ensuring the cutting quality of the fiber laser cutter, we will make every effort to reduce its loss. What are the ways to reduce losses?
    Before starting the fiber laser cutter, push the beam back and forth by hand, and move the trolley left and right before starting, without abnormal noise. When finishing the work of the day, the waste and debris in the machine should be carefully cleaned up so that the mobile system of the machine will not be damaged by the operation of foreign objects. Clean its moving parts to keep the machine in good working condition. The specific method is as follows:
    1. Do not place objects in the machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.
    2. Use cotton cloth to clean the dust and foreign matter on the metal tanker, metal shaft, sliding block and linear guide rail, and then add lubricating oil to make the empty pipe reciprocate.
    3. Add a small amount of lubricating oil to the screw, including the screw on the laser tube bracket and the first reflector, to facilitate disassembly and assembly during maintenance.
    Note: Timing belts, drag chains, air ducts, motors, sensors, lenses, and wires are not lubricated.
    In fact, to reduce the loss of fiber laser cutter, the most important way is to do its maintenance work. For its moving parts, we should do a good job of lubricating it.

    The shutdown process of the laser cutter
 Laser cutter is a kind of equipment that uses laser cutting. It is more advanced and durable than traditional cutting equipment. But long-term use of equipment will always have problems, so we need to be able to use more care and extend the life of the equipment. Today, we will introduce how to turn off the cutting machine.
1. Turn the power adjustment knob of the laser cutter's adjustment function counterclockwise to low power.
2. Turn off the electronic shutter switch-high voltage start switch-laser start switch.
3. When the turbine stops, turn on the manual backfill button on the laser board.
4. The manual backfill light is red, the manual backfill light is off, and the charging is complete.
5. Turn off the power of the laser cutting machine-mechanical power-turn off the power of the chiller, air compressor and cold dryer.
6. Turn off the working gases CO2, N2, He and O2 in turn-turn off the air compressor and cold dryer.
7. Clean up the site and CNC machine tools.
    This is about the shutdown procedure of the laser cutting machine. Many people basically ignore the startup and shutdown of the device, thinking that it is unnecessary to be so troublesome. In fact, a reasonable shutdown operation can keep the equipment in good performance and use it for a long time. If you don't follow the correct method, you will cause many unexpected problems.

    Can the laser cutter work continuously?
    This laser cutter mainly uses laser cutting equipment instead of traditional mechanical knives, and has the advantages of high precision and fast cutting speed. For this type of equipment, many manufacturers hope that they can continue to work, including many people who also consider the loss of working time and equipment when purchasing. So, can the equipment continue to work? Let's solve it.
    1. The life of consumables replaced by tools is several months. Unlike other equipment, consumables must be replaced within a certain period of time. It can be processed 24 hours a day. Most factories and customers are working continuously after using the laser cutting machine. The longer time is two months without shutting down.
    2,.There are several or more exchangeable processing stations that can be done at the same time, cut the last piece of material and automatically switch to the next piece of material for cutting, or another large laser cutting machine. For equipment with a large effective cutting range, several or more steel plates are placed on the work platform for unmanned operation and automatic processing.
    3. Whether the tool can cut continuously depends on the technology of the tool manufacturer.
    Through the introduction, we know that, in fact, most laser cutting machines can work continuously, but some cannot meet the requirements of continuous work, which mainly depends on the quality of the equipment and the performance of all aspects. If the quality reaches the standard, good performance can continue to work. This mainly depends on the quality of the equipment and machinery purchased at that time. Good quality determines long-term work efficiency.

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