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What is a CNC router
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    In the heyday of engraving machines, CNC was a new transformation to adapt to current machines. Today, manufacturers transform the innovation of CNC routers into different machine tools, but many machine tools have the sole purpose of becoming CNC machine tools. If you know what you need to produce, you will have a better understanding of what kind of CNC router you need. CNC routers meet very different needs, and the things they build can be very unique. Here are some frequently asked questions about the trend of CNC routers
    1. What is a CNC router?
    CNC machining is a machining process that is part of the manufacturing industry. This includes the use of computers to manage machine tools. Tools that a person can handle with its help include mills, lathes, grinders, routers, etc.
    Numerical control technology is the driving force that promotes all kinds of new machinery and technology. It is worth noting that the CNC router is one of the most popular machines used in this type. At first glance, it may resemble typical computer controls in a machine. However, in fact, this unique programming and control console makes the framework particularly suitable for CNC machining.
    Compared with other machines, CNC routers reduce waste and improve efficiency, thus creating various things in a shorter time.

    2. What is the type of CNC router?
    In fact, from the perspective of CNC axis, there are three-axis, four-axis, five-axis or even six-axis CNC machine tools.
    The three-dimensional form of three-axis cutting materials is limited to depth in several dimensions.
    In the CNC router, the four-axis turntable is attached to the cutting bed or the spindle head can be pivoted in the attached plane.
    The five-axis CNC router means that the spindle can rotate in two additional planes. You can see this in the picture on the left.
    Both 4-axis and 5-axis CNC routers can cut a precise 3D part.
    Although expensive, these machines are highly recognized for rapid prototyping and artistic applications. When operating, the user should have proficient knowledge of specific controllers and software. Prior training, using various controlled CNC routers will be a further benefit.

    In the manufacturing industry, you can invest in high-efficiency industrial CNC routers suitable for mass or mass production.
    Moved in the past, ATC CNC router is another practical machine, very popular symbols and graphics, woodworking workshops, education and training schools, to meet the requirements of smaller-scale production.
    Fundamentally speaking, there are different types of CNC routers with different functions to suit the different needs of buyers: including:
    1. Router
    The CNC router is a universal CNC machine tool technology. Under normal circumstances, it does not have any human-machine interface, because it is operated by a computer. In addition, there are 4, 5 and even 6-axis CNC routers on the market. Routers are mainly used to produce larger-sized parts, and to cut wood, plastic, and metal plates.
    2, 3D printer
    3D printers use numerical control technology to operate on numerical control laser technology. A 3D printer does not start with a hard piece of material and withdraw parts of it to the required part, but starts with a blank canvas.
    3. EPS forming CNC router
    The polystyrene molding numerical control router (or polystyrene foam plastic numerical control router) has the characteristics of diversification, convenient manual control, and fast power processing speed. Rolling constant speed and idling speed greatly improve the quality of finished products
    The parts used on this machine have the same power in all directions of engraving, thereby further ensuring the accuracy and durability of the machine.
    4, CNC router combined rotating device
    This rotating device combination/fourth axis auxiliary CNC router is suitable for columns. It is the best carving, cutting and engraving of flat materials. In addition, you can also install a smaller rotating device on the workbench for column cutting.
    5. Pneumatic tool change CNC router
    This easy-to-use multi-head CNC router helps spindle combination control multi-head from 2 PCs to 8 pcs. It can pass commands to the spindle to run simultaneously. In addition, it can operate in the same way as a CNC router with an automatic tool changer.
    6. Synchronous multi-axis CNC router
    This CNC router has up to 12 spindles, which means you can work on 12 workpieces at the same time. When the spindle is working on solid materials, the vibration is minimized and the machining accuracy is guaranteed.
    7, 4-axis CNC router
    Built for extremely high efficiency, a four-axis CNC router allows constant generation of dual CNC router tables and complete cutting time. It is easy to load and unload the table without any interference. Similarly, the wood CNC router has good durability and versatility.
    8, 5-axis CNC machine tools
    The rotating axis of a 5-axis machine tool allows more compact machining to deliver parts. The five-axis CNC router is equipped with an additional heavy-duty gantry and machine table to provide the highest rigidity and power to provide high-speed machining in every five axes.

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