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Why do more and more users choose laser cutter
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    Why do more and more users choose laser cutter?
    If we pay more attention to the fiber laser cutter industry, we should all know that many users are using it now. In many times, we will often praise it and think that it is really a very good device. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of fiber laser cutter.
    As an upgraded product of the traditional cutting process, the fiber laser cutter has a huge room for expansion of its own functions. Here we call it a multifunctional CNC cutting machine. In the field of CNC, it refers to the flame cutting method, the plasma cutting method and many straight lines. Cutting gun. Aiming at the specific application of flame cutting, with its own advantages of high speed and efficiency, it replaces manual cutting and profiling cutting. In daily use and processing, its use frequency is quite high, which makes many companies very sensitive to the cost control of the equipment.
    Going back to the problem we mentioned earlier, from the practical application of fiber laser cutting machine equipment, the key to realizing low-cost and high-efficiency processing lies in the development of product functionality and the development of the gantry fiber laser cutting machine. It adopts two-way drive, stable operation, good structure and high working efficiency. It can be used for strip cutting of large, medium and small steel plates of various carbon steel, manganese steel and other metal materials. According to user requirements, it can be equipped with multiple cutting flashlights, or with a special CNC cutting torch system, and also with a capacitive flame height automatic adjustment system.
    This optical fiber laser cutting machine can meet various cutting requirements of customers on the same CNC cutting machine. For some enterprises with large processing volume, the processing efficiency and profits have been greatly improved, and workshops have been saved for factories with more equipment. Specific features include:
    1. Cross beam: It adopts square tube butt welding structure, which has good rigidity, high precision, light weight and low inertia. All welded parts adopt vibration time-effect force release treatment to effectively prevent structural deformation;
    2. Longitudinal and horizontal transmission: use precision rack and pinion transmission. The horizontal guide rail adopts the straight guide rail imported from Taiwan, and the vertical guide rail adopts the precision machining of the elevator professional guide rail to ensure the stable operation of the cutting machine, high precision, durability, clean and beautiful appearance. The planetary gear reducer is used for deceleration, which can well ensure the accuracy of the movement. And balance.
    3. Longitudinal transmission frame (end frame): Both ends are equipped with horizontal guide wheels, which can adjust the compression degree of the eccentric wheel guide rail at the bottom of the transmission frame, so that the whole machine can maintain stable guiding movement.    Equipped with dust collector to clean the debris on the surface of the guide rail at any time;
    4. Drive system: select world-class products-imported Japanese full digital AC servo or German Bagra stepping drive technology, so that the whole machine runs stably, with a wide speed range and short acceleration time;
    5. Lifting body: aluminum alloy structure, hoisted by hoisting guide rail and ball screw;
    6. The simple and easy-to-use automatic programming system makes CNC programming no longer complicated and easy; 7. CNC control system: Independent research and development control system, using PLC for input and output control, so that the electrical system has good stability and anti-interference ability.
    On this basis, the internal functional characteristics of the fiber laser cutting machine are summarized and explained. In terms of production and application, this model also has outstanding functional advantages in use. In terms of related data analysis, some end-user companies with a wide range of services have also achieved low-cost and high-efficiency reductions, including:
    1. Improve raw material utilization
    The fiber laser cutter can cut and walk the raw material path, but the automatic optimization of the raw material cutting path is not intelligent, and it needs to be completed with relevant nesting software. Of course, not every cutting and blanking company needs to buy layout software, especially when the processing material is single and the cutting shape is fixed, simple graphics can be organized in the CAD drawing to maximize the material Utilization rate, reduce processing cost.
    2. Simplify the secondary processing steps.
    Generally speaking, the cutting accuracy of CNC cutting is relatively stable. When companies consider purchasing CNC cutting equipment, they first need to choose a suitable machine tool model according to their needs. Good cutting quality requires not only a good machine tool, but also a well-trained operator. Skilled operators can cut more workpieces, obtain higher cutting quality, and reduce waste and secondary processing costs.
    These are the many advantages that the fiber laser cutting machine can play in the operation process. I don't know if you have a deeper understanding of it after reading it.
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Precautions for online procurement of laser cutter
Laser cutter are widely used in many industries in our lives. With the continuous development of the processing industry, there are many products of different quality on the market. Nowadays, online shopping is very convenient, so many people choose this way of shopping. Here are some notes about online shopping:
1. Let the laser cutting machine manufacturer provide you with the case and give you the phone number of the purchasing staff at that time;
2. The factory can provide photos and store photos during production and processing;
3. Also need to provide photos of logistics delivery;
4. The manufacturer is required to provide photos of the company's internal activities.
The above four points are all issues that we should pay attention to when buying laser cutter online. At least it can prove the normal operation of the enterprise and guarantee the quality of the cutting machine. In addition, when purchasing products, you should pay attention to the type of cutting machine and choose according to the actual usage to choose more satisfactory products.
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