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What are the operating technical requirements of the laser cutting machine
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    What are the operating technical requirements of the laser cutting machine?
    It should be noted that the metal laser cutting machine has been used, its use method is relatively complicated, and the technical requirements are relatively high. If an error occurs during the operation, this is a very troublesome problem, so we should first learn how to use it. Details are as follows:
    Every year, many users consult the use of metal laser cutting machines. It is said that many people cannot paint. They can often manipulate and adjust the fire, but they cannot steal photos. In this case, don't rush to buy, because they can't paint, which means they can't be used well, and there will be a lot of difficulties in the middle after buying! So I want to buy a metal laser cutting machine.
    We must have our own draftsmen. At least we need to understand a kind of CAD drawing software, whether it is AutoCAD, CAXA or other mechanical drawing software. As long as we can draw and save it in DWG or DXF format!
    The wide application of metal laser cutting machine makes many users who used traditional manual steel plate cutting process very happy! Because of manual cutting, neither manpower nor cutting effect and efficiency can be compared with CNC cutting, and the cost is at least 2 times higher!
    Although the CNC cutting efficiency is very high and the cutting effect is very good, there are still some difficulties for the traditional operators, because they generally have no contact with the computer, and do not use computer graphics, layout software and other operations!
    In order to meet the needs of the market, the rapid development of CNC system technology also provides conditions for the technological progress of CNC machine tools. Modern manufacturing technology puts forward higher requirements on CNC technology. Through the combination of software and hardware, the metal processing process is optimized as soon as possible. Laser cutting machine can control the production cost of enterprises. This is also one of the focuses of current domestic enterprises. The following briefly introduces the development of some numerical control technology and equipment in the world. It is mainly reflected in the following technical characteristics.
    Intelligence is the main development direction of manufacturing technology in the 21st century. Intelligent processing is based on neural network control, fuzzy control, digital network technology and theoretical processing. It simulates the intelligent activities of human experts in the processing process to solve many uncertainties in the processing process. These uncertainties can only be solved by manual intervention. Intelligent content includes all aspects of CNC system:
    In order to pursue the efficiency and quality of intelligent processing, such as adaptive control and automatic generation of process parameters;
    In order to improve the drive performance and convenient connection of feedforward control, adaptive calculation of motor parameters, automatic identification of load selection models, and self-tuning;
    Simplify programming and simplify intelligent operations, such as intelligent automatic programming, intelligent man-machine interface, etc.; intelligent diagnosis, intelligent monitoring, convenient system diagnosis and maintenance, etc.
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    How to clean the cooling system of metal laser cutting machine?
    The cleaning of the cooling system of the metal laser cutting machine is a part that we cannot ignore during normal use. I hope we cannot ignore it. If you didn't know how to clean it before, you can check the detailed introduction in the following article, which is only known after reading.
    As the main heat dissipation channel of the cutting torch, the heat dissipation system of the metal laser cutting machine can be divided into air cooling and water cooling in the conventional structure. Since the working principle of the metal laser cutting machine is to use the high temperature of the plasma arc column to melt the cutting material, in the general cutting process, it is necessary to equip a special air compressor as auxiliary equipment to realize the cutting during the cutting process, and the material slag is blown away. Slotting effect.
    Plasma is a special form of matter and is listed as the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas in modern physics. The plasma arc is a compressed arc formed by mechanical compression, thermal compression, magnetic compression and forced "compression".
    It has the characteristics of high energy concentration, high temperature (arc center temperature 18000~24000 K), and high flame speed (up to 300 m/s). Some requirements for cleaning and daily maintenance of the metal laser cutting machine's heat dissipation system are summarized and explained.
    1. Unscrew the screw, remove the air filter, and prepare for cleaning;
    2. Regularly monitor the grid voltage of the numerical control system to ensure that the grid voltage fluctuation range is within the allowable rated range;
    3. Gently vibrate the dust collector while blowing out the dust in the air filter with compressed air from inside to outside;
    4. Regularly check and replace DC motor brushes;
    5. If the filter dust is too thick and compressed air cannot be removed, you can gently clean it with neutral detergent and dry it in a cool place;
    6. Replace the battery memory regularly. Under normal circumstances, even if the battery is not faulty, it should be replaced once a year to ensure the normal operation of the system.
    These are the specific cleaning methods for the heat dissipation system of the metal laser cutting machine. I believe everyone will know how to clean it after reading it.
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