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Common problems and solutions of laser marking machines
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    When it comes to laser marking machines, most people are familiar with it. We can see it in many places. It has a very wide range of applications, playing an important role in wine packaging, beverage packaging, clothing production, electronic products and other industries, and is suitable for metal and non-metal materials.
    In fact, the principle of the laser marking machine is very simple. It uses a laser beam to leave permanent marks on the surface of the material. To put it simply, it displays deep-seated matter by destroying surface matter, or changes surface matter to show the desired imprint.
    ACCTEK laser marking machine is loved by customers. It has many advantages. It has a long-life fiber laser generator, good beam quality, stable output, low cost, simple operation, easy maintenance, and long service life. If you are considering buying a laser marking machine recently, it will be your best choice.
    However, no matter how good the machine is, there will be a moment of failure. Today we will explain to you the solutions to some common problems.

    1. The marking effect becomes worse or the marking speed becomes slower. There are two reasons for this failure: 
    1) The power is reduced, please check whether the laser output power is normal. If normal, please check the field mirror and galvanometer in turn; 
    2) The laser light spot is scattered. If the spot is found to be stained, please wipe the laser output head with industrial alcohol. If the spot is scattered or multi-mode, you can determine the internal problem of the laser, please return the laser to ACCTEK. 
    2. There is power without marking after power-on (ie light leakage). 
    When such a fault occurs, the client phenomenon is that after the laser is powered on, a metal business card or processing material is placed on the lower end of the galvanometer, and the material surface is obviously damaged. There are two reasons for this kind of failure. 
    1) Marking board problem. When the marking board is not marked after power-on, DB25 gives a marking signal (18-pin and 19-pin are high level) and Power signal (Some pins of pins 1-8 are high level). At this time, measure the corresponding pin signals. If a problem is found, replace the marking board. 
    2) Laser internal circuit problems, such as detecting the signal of the marking board. Low level, it can be judged that the internal chip of the laser is damaged, and the laser can be returned to ACCTEK
    After such a fault occurs, the customer can try to replace the card first. If the phenomenon still occurs after the replacement, it is determined that the Ruike laser circuit interface chip is burned. Most of the reasons for the chip burning here are caused by static electricity or abnormal voltage given by the client board. At present, all interface circuits of Ruike have been upgraded to V8.3, and this fault will not occur.
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    3.Missing strokes are found during the marking process. There are two types of failures: 
    1) Missing strokes at the start or end of the stroke. This can be solved by changing the delay time to turn on the light or ending the delay. 
    2)For the reason of the board, or because the marking signal given by the board is unstable due to external interference signals, you can replace the board or stay away from the source of the interference signal.
    4. Failure judgment of optical fiber and optical isolator output by laser. The optical fiber and optical isolator part of the laser output are damaged for two reasons: 
    1) For human reasons, the customer caused the output fiber to have a small bending radius (normally ≥30CM in diameter) or the optical fiber was damaged by external forces during the laser transport or use. ; 
    2) the quality of the laser output fiber and isolator, the output fiber was found to be scorched during use, please return the laser to Ruike at this time.
    5.The graphics or text marked on the work piece are distorted or deformed. When marking the laser, it was found that the text or graphics marked by the work piece or metal business card were distorted or deformed. When this fault is found, it can be carried out in two steps. The first step is to set the parameters of the calibration software through F3. The second step is to reinstall the software if it still does not work.
    6.What should I do if the laser is corroded and immersed by liquids such as water and oil? After the laser is corroded and immersed by water, oil and other liquids, please do not turn it on again to avoid causing more serious damage and bring more expensive costs to your maintenance. In such cases, please contact the staff of ACCTEK in time to arrange for the return of repairs as soon as possible.
    ACCTEK reminder: If we encounter problems that cannot be solved, please contact the after-sales personnel in time.
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