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What is the flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machine
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    What is the flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machine?
    Most people evaluate the characteristics of fiber laser cutting machines. The commonly used term is flexibility. So what is flexibility here?
    On the surface, flexibility means that the production process is more flexible. This process is also called flexible processing. Flexible production refers to the ability to complete different production tasks in the production process, quickly adjust market demand, and achieve resource diversification.
    Laser cutting machine is an important equipment for flexible production. The flexible processing of fiber laser cutting machine refers to multi-variable processing combined processing. The laser beam adopts the direct directional method. The laser can rotate, tilt, move up and down, etc., and can process the vertical surface of the workpiece and other complex workpiece surfaces; flexible and flexible processing technology has high accuracy, laser cutting adopts moving or multi-axis rotation of the lower part of the beam, Deal with parts that are difficult to handle with traditional methods. The laser head can move up and down freely, and the laser beam is controlled by an automatic focusing system to realize the processing of complex workpieces. As long as the mobile turntable is used, various complex parts can be processed.
    Therefore, the metal fiber laser cutting machine can be used to process metal sheets. No matter how complicated the metal sheet is, as long as you can draw graphics on the computer, you can achieve fine processing and production.
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    Laser cutting machine price guide
    If you immediately ask "What is the cost of fiber laser cutting", it is the same as "cost of airplane" and "cost of cargo ship". When people choose fiber cutting machine, they don't know how to choose fiber laser cutting machine with good after-sales service and affordable price?
   Laser cutting machine brand, laser, laser power, motor, laser head configuration not only determines the price, but also determines the service life. Therefore, you should pay attention to this information when purchasing a laser cutting machine.
    Fiber laser cutting is a new product sales market that conforms to the fashion trend. Its high precision and fast laser cutting speed are warmly welcomed by customers. At present, fiber laser cutting is uneven in the sales market, and the price varies greatly: some are more than 100,000, some are more than 200,000, or even millions. What's more, some companies only list prices, the address is vague and detailed, and there is no detailed address, so customers who cannot come to investigate do not know that I think this is a small processing factory.
Identify industry needs
    If we only need to cut the plate, then we don't need to cut the tube. If we only need to cut the pipe, then we don't need a cutter. So we need to buy a laser cutting machine according to our needs.
    Some laser cutting machines are surrounded by structures to reduce laser radiation, and some have exchange platforms, which can save loading and unloading time, while the plate and tube integral machine is suitable for customers who need to cut two materials, namely plates and pipes. The more functions of the laser cutting machine, the higher the price, so you can choose according to your needs.
    Choose a cutting machine with moderate width and high precision
    After selecting the machine type, select the desktop of the laser cutting machine according to the size of the cutting material. The same power, large format, high price machine of the same series is not good, but the large format is not good. Some poor-quality machines have unstable average laser output at each point on the large format, so it is correct to choose the appropriate format.
    Of course, we should pay attention to the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. The higher the accuracy, the better the cutting surface. The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine should also be considered. After all, the faster the cutting speed, the higher the efficiency and the greater the profit generated. The longer the laser life, the better for the user.
    Don't just care about the price and ignore the after-sales service
    The after-sales service of the laser cutting machine is also very important. In the course of use, due to improper use or long use, some minor problems will occur more or less. Therefore, the longer the warranty period, the better for the user, and good after-sales service will make the customer feel relieved to buy the machine.
    High price fiber laser cutting machine
    The price of fiber laser cutting machine is higher than ordinary laser cutting machine, such as carbon dioxide laser cutting machine. The price of 500 W fiber laser cutting machine is between 400,000 and 800,000. Although the price of fiber laser cutting machine is high, the initial investment is large, but because of its fast cutting speed, high working efficiency and high cutting precision, it will have good economic benefits in the later stage.
    Therefore, the choice of laser cutting machine should be based on the needs of the industry and cutting materials to choose the model and style of the laser cutting machine, which requires the configuration and price of the laser cutting machine to be high, but you cannot blindly pursue the price and ignore the quality. The cutting machine manufacturer does not have a clear address or goes to other companies to transfer goods or small workshops, information is everywhere, the price is indiscriminate, no matter how much money you are advised not to be deceived.
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