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Why machinery manufacturers choose fiber laser cutting machine first
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    Why machinery manufacturers choose fiber laser cutting machine first
    At present, my country has a wide variety of agricultural machinery products, and the trend of specialization is obvious. Provide new processing technology, drawing system software and numerical control technology. The fiber laser cutting machine not only reduces the product cost of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers, but also improves economic efficiency.
    In the manufacturing enterprises of agricultural machinery, shipping, medical machinery, aerospace and other industries, fiber laser cutting machines have high cost performance, good verticality, no slag, smooth surface, no secondary production processing, small thermal expansion, high-precision laser cutting, The advantages of fast production speed, barrier-free high toughness sheet processing, and no deformation have been favored by many enterprise customers.
    As an effective metal processing tool, fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in the machining industry. Due to the particularity of the working environment of the laser cutting machine, the particularity of the material, and the processing and processing requirements of different shapes of metal plates, due to the particularity of the working environment of the laser cutting machine, the technical requirements for the laser cutting machine are also different. Laser cutting machine manufacturers are relatively high, so the purchase of fiber cutting machines has also been promoted.

    How does the fiber laser cutting machine cut?
 Fiber laser cutting machine itself is a kind of machine produced by laser, which has better effect during use, but many people may not understand its working principle. This is an effect produced by using laser release, and it is not easy to cause more problems during use. First, it will appear directly on the metal plate through the light spot, and then the cutting effect can be achieved.
    The fiber laser cutting machine adopts the form of high voltage, which can play the role of cutting, and it is also a popular product in recent years. The optical fiber laser cutting machine can effectively achieve the effect of comprehensive replacement, and has a high probability of appearing in the current market, which can achieve better effects and also has the characteristics of basic development.
 Fiber laser cutting machine mainly uses glass fiber as the medium to achieve rapid effect and form high density. In the daily operation process, more problems are not easy to occur, even in high temperature environment, the cutting effect can be achieved.
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    It is very important to choose a fiber laser cutting machine reasonably.
    Reasonable application of fiber laser cutting machine is conducive to improving the production efficiency of enterprises, while saving a lot of resources and costs. So the right choice of fiber cutting machine is a key, so before choosing the right equipment, we usually need to know and master what elements?
    1. In the working range, the fiber laser cutting machine should be selected as effectively as possible with the appropriate power to achieve good product performance. At this time, the technical personnel of the laser cutting machine manufacturer should fully communicate to ensure that the new energy parameters of the equipment meet their own processing requirements.
    2. The scope of work is within the effective range of the enterprise order. Factors such as cutting method, sheet material and thickness will affect the cutting efficiency of production.
    3. Choose a fiber laser cutting machine with simple structure, convenient maintenance, less damage to parts, and perfect after-sales service. This involves the characteristics of the product itself and the service level of the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer. Its operation failure is inevitable, easy to maintain, and products that can be independently maintained are obviously more suitable for corporate procurement. Otherwise, once an error occurs, it cannot be solved. It needs to wait for the manufacturer to maintain it for a long time, and it needs to consider its impact on subsequent production.
    4. Tolerate the fiber laser cutting machine in order to work in harsh environments, the intensity of environmental pollution, such as the degree of corrosion resistance and dust resistance, requires different solutions, and communicate with the manufacturer.
    5. Of course, we also need to consider cost-effectiveness and cost performance, which may be the focus of many users in the selection process of fiber laser cutting machines. However, this is a re-determinable factor based on the above factors that can be fully resolved. To meet the comprehensive performance of all aspects, it is necessary to consider the purchase cost, use cost, maintenance cost, etc., so that users can purchase fiber laser cutting machines to meet their own processing products.

    Why does fiber laser cutting machine use antifreeze all year round?
    In fact, fiber laser cutting machine also needs to add antifreeze, not only in winter, just like cars, it should need antifreeze for fiber laser cutting machine throughout the year. As for the annual demand for antifreeze, you must understand many issues.
    Question 1: Why is it necessary to add antifreeze to the fiber laser cutting machine instead of pure water or mineral water?
    Answer: The main component of antifreeze is ethylene glycol (92%-98%). Ethylene glycol can be dissolved in water in any proportion. Different concentrations of ethylene glycol have different freezing points. Therefore, it is very important to choose antifreeze rather than pure water or mineral water.
    Question 2: Can the antifreeze used in the fiber laser cutting machine be mixed with water?
    Answer: First of all, we need to know that the original antifreeze must be diluted before it can be used, because the original antifreeze needs to be mixed with water in a certain proportion according to the temperature of different places in order to control the freezing point within an appropriate range. Ethylene glycol is soluble in water in any proportion. Different concentrations of ethylene glycol have different freezing points. The freezing point of its aqueous solution does not completely decrease as the concentration increases. In the preparation process, it should be selected reasonably according to the actual situation to meet the requirements of antifreeze and economy.
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