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How to deal with the dust in the laser cutting machine
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    How to deal with the dust in the laser cutting machine
 The metal fiber laser cutting machine factory guides you to properly handle the dust in the equipment.
    Metal fiber laser cutting machine is a commonly used processing equipment for sheet metal processing companies. The optical fiber cutting machine can process various metal materials, which is widely recognized by customers and friends. It is becoming more and more popular in the market and gradually replacing traditional processing equipment. When purchasing a metal laser cutting machine, we must understand our own needs. We not only need to know the required processing thickness of the cutting material, but also need to choose from the aspects of production, processing results and cost savings. At present, the choice of fiber laser cutting machine can be widely used in all walks of life. It can be used to process various metal plates or pipes, such as chassis or mass production of complete sets of metal equipment accessories.
    However, as more and more people use metal fiber laser cutting machine equipment in daily use, a large amount of dust will inevitably be generated. For a long time, dust will be deposited in the equipment. In order to better maintain and maintain the machine, How to remove the dust in the equipment without affecting the processing effect of the machine?
    1. First of all, the metal laser cutting machine is not afraid of water and can be cleaned in any way. However, it is not recommended to directly clean the dust in the equipment. Improper cleaning can easily scratch the laser head, resulting in inaccurate data reading and writing.
    2. Second, as long as the dust does not fall on the surface of the laser head, the safest way is to use a balloon (a tool for cleaning digital dust-proof, very cheap) to blow away the dust on the laser head. Metal laser cutting machine.
    3. In addition, special attention should be paid to cooling water and cleaning water tank (cleaning and replacing the circulating water tank weekly).
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    Important process of fiber laser cutting machine layout
    Before using optics, the fiber laser cutting machine imports the designed drawings into the program, and then uses the layout software to arrange the drawings on the board, so that the metal laser cutting machine can process products in batches. Layout is an important process of fiber laser cutting machine. If the layout is not correct, it will not only reduce the processing efficiency and waste the effect of processing materials, but also directly affect the cutting effect of the entire processed material.
    So, what is the important process of layout? What are the key points of the fiber laser cutting machine layout?
    1. Corner melting: When cutting corners, it is necessary to reduce the cutting speed, reduce the cutting radius, maintain a higher cutting speed, avoid the melting of the steel plate caused by the long cutting time, so as to obtain good cutting quality and shorten the cutting time ,Improve productivity.
    2. Spacing between parts: Generally speaking, the distance between the plate and the hot plate is large. Due to the large thermal effect of the plate, it is easy to burn the edges when the cutting angle and size are small, which affects the cutting quality.
    3. Fixed lead: In order to better connect the cutting seams and prevent burns at the beginning and end of cutting, the laser cutting machine often introduces transition lines at the beginning and end of cutting, that is, the line and the tail line.
    4. Coplanar cutting: It consists of two or more parts, as many regular graphics as possible. Coplanar cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time and save raw materials.
    5. Parts collision: In order to maximize production efficiency, many laser cutting equipment work continuously for 24 hours, using unmanned automatic loading and unloading devices to damage the cutting head and interrupt production.
    6. Remaining material processing: After the laser cutting machine finishes cutting the parts, the skeleton residue on the worktable of the laser cutting equipment must be removed as soon as possible to facilitate future cutting operations. For laser cutting equipment without automatic discharge device, the skeleton material can be cut into small pieces for quick removal.

    When will the price of metal fiber laser cutting machine decrease?
    In fact, the metal fiber laser cutting machine will not fluctuate greatly, because we must guarantee its production cost and performance. However, if we reduce production costs, the quality of the equipment will be difficult to guarantee. But for those who really want to buy metal laser cutting equipment, this can also be a relatively low price.
    That is, you can notice the metal fiber laser cutting machine at any time, choose a brand manufacturer, and then you can order the equipment when they are active, so there may be some good and cheap prices.
    Or you can compare more brands of metal fiber laser cutting machine equipment, and then choose one of the most cost-effective equipment. Because there are many kinds of metal laser cutting equipment, and there will be some brand fish fishing in the water, so we should Do a good job of identification.
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