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What is the cost of fiber laser cutting machine
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    What is the cost of fiber laser cutting machine?
    Do you know metal fiber laser cutting machine? First of all, we should throw away the cost of buying a metal fiber laser cutting machine, because its cost is more expensive, and the cheap one is about 100,000 yuan. If we choose to buy higher power, the price can reach 12 million yuan.
    When using metal fiber laser cutting equipment, it is about tens of yuan per hour. Of course, it is also closely related to model and size. Metal fiber laser cutting machine. If it is a small device, it is about a few yuan per hour. In fact, the cost of this laser cutting machine is much lower than that of the traditional CO2 laser cutting machine. If the metal fiber laser cutting machine is used for normal operation, the cost is very low.
    The metal fiber laser cutting machine needs maintenance during use, because there is no need to replace consumables. In fact, its maintenance cost is very low, and maintenance and maintenance are also very convenient.

    Does the production environment of the fiber laser cutting machine meet environmental protection standards?
    Now in the production of enterprises, it is necessary to ensure that production meets environmental protection standards. Our fiber laser cutting machine also needs to meet environmental protection standards. Especially now that the entire social environment pays special attention to environmental protection. Only by doing better in environmental protection can we meet market demand.
    So does the fiber laser cutting machine meet environmental standards?
    First of all, compared with ordinary people, CO2 laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine saves space and gas consumption, greatly improves the photoelectric conversion rate, thereby reducing the consumption during the use of the equipment. Therefore, it can be said to be a very energy-saving and environmentally friendly product.
    In addition, fiber laser cutting machines are very low. The power consumption of the whole machine is only 20%~30% of the CO2 laser cutting machine, which can save power to the greatest extent and contribute to energy saving and environmental protection.
    When we buy fiber laser cutting machines, we should also take a comprehensive look at each brand and purchase equipment from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection.
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    What are the selection criteria for fiber laser cutting machine?
    Because we are not familiar with the laser equipment manufacturing industry, many companies do not understand the selection criteria when we choose fiber laser cutting machines. The procurement standards for fiber laser cutting machines are basically repetitive, but they are mainly determined by several key indicators. Such as the cutting surface roughness of the equipment, the processing speed, the accuracy, the flatness of the finished product, whether there is slag on the incision, etc., these hardware indicators can be seen from the performance of the fiber laser cutting machine and need to be considered in the procurement process.
    You need to take a closer look at the shape of the fiber laser cutting machine and whether there are any details. After ensuring that there is no problem in appearance, you can observe the process and effect of sample processing in the jumping laser equipment. During the observation operation, the cutting speed, photoelectric conversion efficiency and finished product quality should be compared.
    In the optical fiber laser cutting machine purchase, we are more concerned about its price. We should choose machines at the average industrial price level. If we order in bulk from the manufacturer, the price will be more cost-effective.

    Why does the tubular fiber laser cutting machine have such a big competitive advantage in the market?
    The fiber laser cutting machine has powerful functions and can process various processing requirements of intersecting wires, including square tube, round tube, cutting groove and end processing of pipe fitting structure. As an advanced production tool, laser cutting machine is gradually entering the metal pipe processing market.
    At present, the market application of metal pipes is more and more extensive, and the demand for pipe processing equipment is also increasing. The fiber laser cutting machine can be greatly developed today, which depends on the advantages of its intelligent processing.
    The CNC control center is an independent system center, ensuring the accuracy and flexibility of the system. Through laser sawing, drilling, grooving, punching, processing, and trimming, six traditional processing techniques are integrated. In terms of additional technology and economic benefits, the integrated positioning system can reduce assembly and use costs, reduce the need for spare parts and consumables, eliminate assembly errors, and minimize process interference.
    In short, fiber laser cutting machine equipment has the characteristics of fast, efficient, flexible, and low-cost, which can improve product development and design capabilities. These advantages open the door of opportunities for product designers and broaden the scope of design. So many innovative features make the fiber laser cutting machine gain important advantages in market competition.
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