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Why does fiber laser cutting machine have a huge market
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    Why does fiber laser cutting machine have a huge market?
    At present, compared with the CO2 fiber laser cutting machine, the optical fiber laser cutting machine has great advantages. It has gradually become a more popular metal processing equipment in the sheet metal processing and sales market. What makes fiber laser cutting machines have such a huge market?
    First of all, people should master the principles of optics. Fiber laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine is a laser generator that converts electrical energy into concentrated energy, with a photoelectric conversion rate of 30%. Then, according to the laser cutting head, using    CNC machine tool programming, the actual effect of laser cutting is compensated, and the efficiency with extremely high energy concentration on the surface of metal materials is obtained. Part of the metal surface is evaporated by heat and then blown away by inert gas to achieve the cutting effect. Laser cutting equipment belongs to thermal laser cutting. Compared with traditional cutting and high-speed stamping equipment, it has no serious deformation.
    Second, from the customer's point of view, the status of fiber laser cutting machine equipment is as follows:
    1. Energy saving: In addition to some power consumption and a small amount of gas consumption, fiber laser cutting machine equipment does not require other costs, and can meet the needs of mass production and small batch production. Compared with the traditional high-speed punching machine, the cost of the mold is still very high, and the product that can meet the processing requirements is also single. If we want to process other products, we must remove the mold, and then we must reopen the mold production. The intelligent coordination ability of fiber laser cutting solves this problem well. As long as there are engineering drawings and programming procedures, they can be easily produced and processed.
    2. Applicability: The application of fiber laser cutting machine equipment in the factory, due to its high accuracy, can reach the maximum accuracy of 3 lines. Compared with traditional special tools, it saves the secondary grinding and polishing process, reduces the labor intensity of the staff, and shortens the working time. In addition, the raw materials produced and their thin thickness are very common. Laser cutting stainless steel, copper aluminum, carbon steel and aluminum alloy profiles are all iron-like mud. At present, mass production of thin thicknesses less than 50 mm is feasible.
    3. High efficiency: High efficiency determines economic benefits. The optical laser cutting rate of fiber laser cutting machine can reach 100 m/min. In other words, compared with traditional low-temperature plasma or straight-line cutting, high-efficiency cutting of a small piece of steel takes only a few seconds, and laser cutting efficiency is much faster.
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    Cost performance of different laser cutting machines
    Different structures and models of fiber cutting machine equipment are suitable for different processing fields. Consumers need to choose their own glasses. Fiber laser cutting machine equipment according to the cutting effect they need.
    Let's take a look at the cost comparison of different configurations of equipment in the production of laser cutting machines:
    Different types of laser cutting machine equipment have different prices and are cheap. The CO2 laser cutting machine may only cost tens of thousands of yuan. If it is a 10 kilowatt fiber laser cutting machine, it now costs more than one million yuan. Laser cutting does not consume materials, but the equipment investment cost is the highest among all cutting methods, and the maintenance cost is higher.
    Plasma cutting machines are much cheaper than laser cutting machines. According to the power and brand of the plasma cutting machine, the price is different, but the use cost is high, and only conductive materials can be processed.
    The cost of water cutting equipment is second only to plasma cutting, with high energy consumption, high maintenance costs, and low cutting speed, because all abrasives are disposable. Once discharged into nature, environmental pollution will be very serious.
    Wire cutting is usually tens of thousands. But cutting is a consumable, molybdenum wire, cutting coolant, etc. require more cost. There are two kinds of wire for wire cutting, one is molybdenum wire (molybdenum wire is expensive), which has the advantage of reusable molybdenum wire; the other is copper wire for slow speed equipment (cheaper than molybdenum wire), the disadvantage is copper Silk can only be used once. In addition, the fast wire machine is much cheaper than the slow wire machine. The price of the slow wire is 5 or 6 times that of the fast wire.
    1. At present, the market for fiber laser cutting machines is the most popular optical product. The carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is gradually being replaced by its high energy consumption, but it is also a popular market in the non-metallic material processing industry.
    2. The required core technology The price of the low output power part of the laser cutting machine fiber optic equipment is also declining.

    Fiber laser cutting equipment injects soul into daily necessities
    People in the new era have never lost their passion for a better life. The development of science and technology has created every corner of life. Even the cold stainless steel products used in our lives are warm and beautiful because we use a variety of different crafts.
    With the development of science and technology, more and more people occupy our lives. It is updated and improved every day. The role of fiber laser cutting machine will become more and more powerful!
    We use lighting products, stainless steel furniture, stainless steel doors and windows, TikTok every day, because the laser automatic cutting technology is no longer monotonous. Lights, fans, doors, and tremolo processing technology laser cutting machine are all to warm up these necessities of life, make our hearts happier and life better.
    In every corner of our lives, there are metal laser cutting machines that bring us a good feeling. A pen, a tea cup, a small key and other small things, because the laser cutting machine brings a variety of cutting techniques, it has become no longer monotonous, and has become the soul of life crafts, while providing us with practical value , Has enriched our lives and made our lives better, more delicious and better!
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