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What are the factors that affect the speed of laser marking machine
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    Several factors affecting the speed of laser marking machine
    Generally speaking,The general performance index given by most manufacturers is 7000 mm/s. However, in practical application, some users think that the efficiency is not high.The following factors affect the laser marker, including the optical fiber laser marking machine and carbon dioxide.Laser marker:
    1. Galvanometer speed: Better galvanometer speed is still very good, this is the hardware factor.
    2. Depth: Some products require depth marking.There is no way to do this.Either increase the laser power or decrease the marking speed.
    3. Color code: ordinary stainless steel darkening or coloring, slow speed
    4. Parameter setting: In golden Orange software, there are two parameters that affect speed: one is the distance between filling lines, the other is the speed setting.The smaller the space, the slower the speed.This is also the principle of speed setting.
    5. Marked area: The larger the area, the slower the efficiency.The bigger the field mirror, the weaker the laser.Increasing the laser power or decreasing the laser speed are the key factors affecting the efficiency.
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    A method to determine the focal length of laser marking machine
    What's the focal length?The focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point of the lens when parallel light is incident.Simply put, the focal length is the distance from the focus to the center of the mirror.Here's how:
    The first method: continuous light test
    In marking software to draw a 1 cm square or round, filled with rules, adjust the laser energy in laser column set parameters to a larger value, as far as possible the use of low frequency, check the tags in a row, on the surface of the product, laser projection placed metal business CARDS and other obstacles, light continuous tag, shake the y axis, until laser applied to metal, when the card is the most powerful energy, the most clear voice and bright color, it is basically the focal length.Test it again and again to find the right focal length.
    After finding the focal length, we can measure the distance between the vibrating lens and the object surface with a ruler.Use this distance as a fixed value.The next time the same object is marked, simply take out a ruler and bring the galvanometer up to the surface of the object to this value again.
    The second method: red light point to point method
    It can be positioned by configuring additional red lights.This approach requires that the device itself have this hardware configuration.Place one or two tilted red lights next to the galvanometer or galvanometer.Using some principles of right triangles, one fixed right Angle side and two overlapping hypotenuses are used to find another right Angle side of the plane of focus.Just shake it up and down until the two red dots coincide to quickly find the focal length.This method is convenient and fast, but requires a device to implement it.
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    Laser cutting machine perfect processing cabinet
    The laser cutting machine changes the traditional machine tool into "beam", which has the advantages of fast cutting speed, smooth cutting and generally does not need post-processing.Laser cutting is suitable for almost all types of metal materials, whether simple or complex parts, can be accurately and quickly formed at one time.Using software drawing and cutting operation, not only can eliminate the mold, achieve product diversification, and greatly reduce the consumption of the mold.
    Advantages of shell and cabinet processing metal laser cutting machine:
    No contact processing, no direct impact of the workpiece, no mechanical deformation.
    In the process of laser cutting machine, tool wear, cost savings, high energy density laser beam, processing speed, local processing, without the influence of laser irradiation part no or very small, so the heat affected area is small, small thermal deformation, orientation, focus, direction transition easy, easy to cooperate with CNC system, processing complex workpiece, the processing method is flexible, high production efficiency, stable machining quality, high economic benefit and social benefit.
    On the other hand, the sample laser cutter is smooth and does not require secondary processing.It also helps sheet metal manufacturers to sell.Therefore, laser cutting machine is suitable for cabinet cutting.

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