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How to control the cost of laser cutting machine
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    How to control the cost of laser cutting machine?
    When customers put laser equipment into use, they may not be familiar with the equipment, and often incur a lot of costs without reducing the cost of equipment use. laser cutter. The way customers control costs. Next, let's take a look at how to control the cost of the laser cutting machine during operation.
    Ways to reduce costs:
    1. Metal laser cutting machine is usually to reduce the number of laser switches as much as possible. Generally, the laser can be turned off without using a metal laser cutting machine. In addition, when the cutting requirements can be met, the use of power should be reduced as much as possible to save power consumption.
    2. The metal laser cutting machine should be used strictly in accordance with the operating rules. Metal laser cutting machine is a kind of high-tech equipment. Improper use will affect the entire mechanical system. The quality of the cut workpiece is unstable, which seriously affects the quality of the equipment and cannot be compensated.
    3. The focal lens metal laser cutting machine is clean. The focal length lens is the only lens in contact with the processed surface. During the operation of the laser cutting machine, metal slag and dust will be generated. These dross will adhere to the focal lens. If it is not cleaned in time, it will reduce the light transmittance, increase the heat absorption capacity, and affect the cutting accuracy. The timely cleaning operation of the focus lens can reduce unnecessary material waste and the cost of replacing the lens.
    4. When the metal laser cutting machine works for a long time, there is abrasion between the parts, and the instability of the equipment affects the cutting accuracy. Therefore, maintaining equipment is also a way to extend equipment life and improve cutting accuracy.
    5. About 80% of the use cost of laser cutting machine comes from gas consumption. As the main energy source of laser cutting machine and CNC laser cutting machine, familiar with and understanding the gas application principle. Laser cutting machines will help reduce the cost of using natural gas.
    Under normal circumstances, the maintenance of equipment in operation can reduce the cost of equipment use. The metal laser cutting machine extends the service life of the equipment and ensures the cutting quality of the equipment.
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    What are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine?
    Name: Full protective cover
    Environmental safety
    The fully enclosed protection design improves the safety of use. Equipped with smoke purification system to avoid environmental pollution and protect the health of operators.
    more stable
    It meets the double standard certification of the European Union and the International Organization for Standardization, and the bed weighs 10 tons, which can make the machine more stable at high speed。
    Targets: stainless steel, sheet metal, carbon steel, copper plate, rare metals, etc.
    1. It adopts gantry type single-sided double transmission structure, imported gear rack and linear guide of reducer.
    2. Smooth transmission, fast acceleration and high positioning accuracy.
    3. Through the system parameter setting, the position of the cutting focus can be automatically changed

    Maintenance of focal lens of laser cutting machine
    Keep the focus laser cutting machine should pay attention to the following three points:
    1. The focusing lens material is ZnSe (arsenic zinc oxide), which is brittle and easy to fall off. When disassembling and assembling, pay attention: don't collide with hard objects with too much force. There is an anti-reflection film on the surface, so it is necessary to provide dry and degreased air during work. Do not directly deal with the laser cutter to focus the lens by hand, because skin oil will cause permanent damage to the lens surface. It can be operated with gloves and special devices. For smaller lenses, it is more convenient to use optical tweezers or vacuum tweezers. No matter what method is used to clamp the focal lens laser cutting machine, it can only be clamped along non-optical surfaces, such as the frosted edge of the lens edge.
    2. When cleaning the focal length lens, the zigzag cutting machine uses clean wipe paper and optical-grade solvents to prevent damage from other pollutants. The wipe paper must be moistened with a suitable solvent, not dry. Considering flexibility, the usable wipes are pure cotton wipes or cotton balls, lens paper, cotton swabs, etc.
    3. Generally, it is necessary to check the laser cutting machine before and after use and cleaning. Since most contaminants and surface defects are relatively small in size, it is often necessary to use magnifying equipment when inspecting the lens. In addition to magnifying equipment, it is sometimes necessary to illuminate the optical surface with a relatively bright beam to enhance the specular reflection intensity of surface contaminants and defects, so that contaminants and defects can be found more easily.
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