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What are the factors that affect the precision of laser cutting machine
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    What are the factors that affect the precision of laser cutting machine?
    The dimensional error of laser equipment in processing is a common fault, which affects the production efficiency and cost of users.However, for the user, the error of cutting accuracy may not be the cause of the equipment.The following factors will also affect the cutting precision laser cutting machine equipment:
    1. Processing materials
    The precision of cutting varies with the material being machined.Even for the same material, if the composition of the material is not the same, cutting accuracy will be affected;
    2. The size of laser spot condensation
    If the precision laser cutter is very high, that means the point is very small.In fact, the smaller the processing site, the higher the processing quality;
    3. The laser beam cone-shaped condensation.
    If the laser beam becomes thinner and the material thickness is large, the laser cutting machine is cutting, the cutting accuracy will be reduced and the clearance will be large.
    4. Accuracy of workbench
    The accuracy of table is an important factor in measuring the accuracy of laser generator.The precision of the working table will directly affect the cutting precision of the working table.Laser cutting machine;
    After the above introduction, it is not difficult to find that, in addition to the equipment itself, the size of the spot, the thickness of the material and the accuracy of the table will affect the cutting accuracy of the equipment.Users should avoid these adverse factors when using the equipment, thus greatly improving the quality and accuracy of cutting materials.

    Little is known about the power selection of optical fiber laser cutting machine
    With the rapid development of laser cutting technology, the competition in laser cutting industry is increasingly fierce, especially the development of laser cutting technology.Fiber optic laser cutting machine.In order to improve brand competitiveness, major manufacturers choose to increase the upper limit of equipment power, and in the external publicity, the focus is also the equipment's high power advantage.
    The current fiber laser cutting machine is divided into three grades: low, medium and high.Each grade corresponds to a different cutting material thickness.Take low-power fiber laser cutting machine as an example.Mainly for stainless steel, carbon steel and other materials.Even if the power is not too large, higher quality can be achieved when cutting materials, and can ensure a faster cutting speed.
    Now, with the increasing competition among manufacturers, more and more people are beginning to specialize in the optical fiber laser cutting machine, which will bring the "higher power, better effect" one-sided concept to the users who need to use the equipment, and deal an irreversible blow to the whole industry.In fact, power only determines the price of the whole optical fiber laser cutting machine, if only within the scope of application.The higher the power, the higher the hardware requirements of the equipment.The components of these devices also need to be upgraded as a whole.Fiber optic laser cutting machines are more expensive.
    When purchasing equipment, users should consider from two aspects: one is to choose the thickness of the plate to be processed;On the other hand, we should consider the purchase cost.They should not blindly buy high-power equipment within their own limits.
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    Stainless steel laser cutting machine in the processing advantages?
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine is an advanced CNC cutting equipment, which is very common in industrial processing applications.In the process of application, it can not only meet the needs of metal cutting, but also achieve high precision cutting specifications.Why is it popular with users?This is closely related to the merits of the product itself, as described below.
    1. Non-contact processing, the energy and motion speed of laser beam can be adjusted.Optical fiber laser cutting machine, and can carry out a variety of processing.
    2. There is no tool wear during the processing, and the cutting force is not affected by the workpiece.
    3. Small thermal impact of the workpiece, small thermal deformation of the workpiece, small amount of subsequent processing.
    4. Easy to guide, and can accomplish conversion of various targets by focusing.It is a very sensitive cutting method for machining the dead point of complex workpiece in conjunction with the NUMERICAL control system.
    5. High degree of autonomy, completely closed treatment, less pollution, low noise, simplify the tasks of operators.
    6. The system itself is a computer system that can be easily compiled and modified.It is especially suitable for feature processing of sheet metal parts with complex shape, large batch and short product life.It is not cost-effective to measure in terms of technology, economic cost and time, and laser cutting is particularly beneficial.
    7. High processing energy density, short induction time, small heat affected area, small thermal deformation and small thermal stress.In addition, the laser is non - mechanical contact processing, no mechanical stress induction, suitable for micro - processing.
    8. The energy density is sufficient to melt any metal, especially materials suitable for high hardness, high brittleness, high melting point and other difficult technologies.
    1. Burr free cutting: high precision, fast speed, small slit, small heat affected parts, smooth cutting surface, no burr.
    2. Non-damaging cutting: the laser cutting head does not touch the material surface and does not damage the workpiece.
    3. No mechanical deformation: narrow slot, small area affected by heat, small local deformation of workpiece, no mechanical deformation.
    4. Arbitrary cutting: with strong softness, it can process arbitrary shapes of graphics and cut off special-shaped materials such as pipes.
    5. No deformation cutting: steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy and other hard materials without deformation cutting.
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