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What effect does the size of the power model have on the laser cutting machine
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    High power laser cutting machine laid the foundation for heavy industrial machinery manufacturing.
    What kind of high-tech products are more dazzling today, laser cutting machine equipment must be one of them.After decades of "tempering", laser cutting machine has become the basic force in various industrial manufacturing fields.Laser cutting machine as a high-precision processing equipment, can be used in the processing of various materials.
    Do not know friends may ask, laser cutting function to the user to bring what?This must talk about its important role in the field of industrial manufacturing.In the domestic aerospace, ships, new energy vehicles and other core industries, laser cutting machine equipment is the basic equipment it needs, but also an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry.Laser cutting machine equipment can not only solve some technical problems in major engineering construction, but also play a leading role in the formation and development of new laser processing industry in the future.
    Compared with traditional cutting technology, laser cutting technology has higher cutting accuracy, material utilization and productivity.With these advantages, the development of laser cutting machine equipment is getting better and better, and began to develop towards the direction of high power, comply with the market trend.In many laser cutting machine manufacturers, China and Russia laser is one of the more excellent.A few years ago, a large solid laser cutting machine was developed.Through constant development and development, the company now has a variety of 10,000-watt high-power laser cutting machines.
    Although it is an inevitable trend to jump laser cutting machine from 1000 watts of power to 10,000 watts of power, can only meet the market demand, users should not blindly pursue high-power laser cutting machine when buying, but should choose suitable for their own needs of laser cutting machine.
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    What are the advantages of small laser cutting machine?
    After decades of development and application, laser cutting technology has become more and more mature, and more and more manufacturers produce.Laser cutting machine equipment.At present, the type of laser cutting machine equipment also has large, medium, small three kinds.Compared with other types of laser cutting machines, small laser cutting machines may be weak in performance, but they also have their own advantages and characteristics.
    You should know that the most correct way to choose a product is not to choose the best product, but to choose the best product for your needs.The small laser cutter is not the best, but it will last forever because of the following features.
    1. Because small laser cutting machine can ensure small cutting width, when cutting some small workpiece, the cutting accuracy of the workpiece is often higher, which is very suitable for advertising, kitchenware and other industries;
    2. The small purchase cost of the laser cutter is much lower, and it takes up only a small area, which can be easily handled.For small enterprises or enterprises with relatively tight capital, it is very cost-effective;
    3. In terms of equipment maintenance, as the design of the small laser cutting machine is relatively simple, equipment maintenance is more convenient and maintenance cost is lower;
    4. The cutting precision of the small laser cutting machine can be up to 0.1mm, the surface of the workpiece is flat and smooth, the surface of the material has very small burr or slag.
    Laser cutting machine after a long period of development, in order to better meet the needs of the market, the type of laser cutting machine and the power of the corresponding manufacturing design.Whether large-scale laser cutting machine or small laser cutting machine equipment, they with their own advantages in all walks of life "shine".Leo Laser is a professional laser cutting equipment manufacturer, welcome to consult!

    1kW laser cutting machine can cut the plate immediately
    In sheet metal cutting field, it is 1kW laser cutting machine.Can instantly cut beautiful, fast, flexible sheet material.If you are engaged in sheet metal processing, and you want to buy a cutting equipment, then the 1kW laser cutting machine is your best choice.
    With the application of 1kW laser cutting machine, sheet metal processing technology has been developed rapidly.Laser cutting machine equipment is gradually familiar with and accept by most of the sheet metal processing enterprises, and for the high machining efficiency and machining precision is high, the cutting section of good quality, 3 d machining such as cutting machine, punching machine, flame cutting, plasma cutting, high pressure water cutting and the advantages of traditional plate processing equipment gradually replace the traditional sheet metal cutting equipment.
    Cutting process.1kW laser cutting machine plays an important role in sheet metal processing, which improves the productivity of sheet metal processing and promotes the development of sheet metal processing.1kW laser cutting machine has a high flexibility, can greatly shorten the processing cycle, shorten the cutting speed, improve production efficiency, improve the processing precision, accelerate product development, these advantages have attracted the attention of many manufacturers.
Processing 1kW laser cutter is to replace the traditional mechanical knife with invisible beam.It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting speed, not limited by the cutting mode, automatic typesetting, material saving, smooth cutting, low processing cost, and will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting equipment.
    There is no contact between the mechanical part of the laser cutting head and the workpiece. The 1kW laser cutting machine will not scratch the surface of the workpiece.The laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, generally do not carry on the follow-up processing;Cutting heat affected area is small, plate deformation is small, cutting seam is narrow;There is no mechanical stress and shear burr on the incision.Good repeatability, no damage to material surface, NUMERICAL control programming, no mold development, large width cutting all board economical and time-saving.
    There are many applications of sheet metal. Products are closely related to our life.This 1kW laser cutter is a fearless challenge, bringing revolutionary ideas to sheet metal production and processing, and creating better enjoyment for our material life.
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