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Do you really know how to use a knife on a CNC engraving machine
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    Do you really know how to use a knife on a CNC engraving machine?
    1. Preventive measures for tool operation:
    Take our CNC engraving machine for example, all the cutting tools are rotated clockwise.
    You must choose a jacket of the right size.Lack of clamping force with cross section, circular wear and taper of inner hole.The coat must be replaced immediately, or it could cause the handle to vibrate, fly away or break dangerously.
    The clamping sleeve of the handle should be in good contact, and the handle must be fully inserted into the clamping sleeve and tightened firmly.If the contact track of the handle after the handle is clamped is uneven or grooved, it indicates that the clamping sleeve has slippage and inner hole deformation, and the clamping sleeve should be replaced immediately.
    When the item is blunt, do not continue to use it.If processing continues, the specific cutting torque of the knife will increase, thus exceeding the carrying capacity of the knife body, resulting in tool fracture and even industrial accidents.
    If the straightness and bending of the workpiece are too large, the service life of the tool will be affected, especially when the cutting depth is greater than the thickness of the cutting edge.When the non-cutting edge parts and the workpiece contact, will produce high temperature, make the tool deformation, resulting in the tool bending or fracture, and even industrial accidents.
    Please use appropriate glasses to ensure operation.
    Keep body, clothes, hair and sundries away from objects at work.
    2, the choice of cutting quantity CNC engraving machine tools
    The cutting speed of different materials has an important influence on the service life of the tool and the machining quality of the workpiece.A reasonable amount of cutting will make the cutting lighter, better and safer.
    Using large cutting tools for low speed cutting and slow speed advance, push speed uniform, stable, continuous advance.Remember: The cutting process should not stop.
    If a large diameter tool is used, it can be pushed in multiple times to complete the cutting, thus increasing the tool's service life and making the operation safer.
    3. Tool retention
    Keep tools clean and remove grease and other impurities in the cabinet using standard tool solvents.
    Use an appropriate amount of mechanical oil to prevent the surface of the tool from rusting and damage.
    Because every grinding process requires the mechanical equipment of the special tool and the grinding skills of the special tool, in order to meet the use requirements, therefore, without permission, do not grind the tool or change the shape of the tool, otherwise it is easy to cause the blade fracture and industrial accidents.
    Do not clean the bearings with diesel, kerosene, or other solvents, as this will damage the special grease in the bearings and will blow out dust and dirt.
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    How to look at the precision of CNC engraving machine
    We all know that CNC routers depend on precise processing speed.The smaller the precision size of the CNC engraving machine, the higher the precision of the engraving machine.The higher the engraving machine power, the faster the CNC engraving machine is used.If the precision of the small size of CNC engraving machine is poor, rough edges will appear in the process of high power engraving.If there is obvious resonance (vibration) in the high power engraving process, then the precision of CNC engraving machine will be greatly reduced.
    If mould carved CNC engraving machine to high power, the application of mould CNC engraving machine speed will greatly reduced, so we should according to mould CNC engraving machine demonstration determine the application rate of mould CNC engraving machine, namely the speed of your engraving business, and the application of indirect selection mould CNC engraving machine speed will bring you the economic benefits.
    Mould CNC engraving machine consumables should be very low.Some die CNC engraving machines should be able to use ordinary lathes to process cutting tools.Although the price is only 10 yuan, but some mold CNC engraving machine as a whole using special tools, greatly increased the cost of consumables.The application of processing software is also very important.

    Woodworking CNC engraving machine matters needing attention
1. The machine shall be fixed on a stable worktable and the bottom Angle shall be adjusted to prevent the machine from moving, and the machine shall be kept level.
2. Please connect the power supply and solid ground wire according to the voltage specified in the manual: AC220V380V50Hz.
3. Please do not connect more than one electrical product to the same power outlet to avoid overload.
4. Woodworking engraving machine is a kind of high speed processing equipment.Its rotating spindle can rotate at up to 24,000 RPM, so operators must wear work clothes, caps, gloves and emissions.
5. When working with the machine, personnel should keep a certain distance from the machine, and do not touch the cutting head and other high-speed moving parts.
6. Remove the power plug of the machine from the wall socket before changing tools and cleaning.Do not use liquid or spray cleaners.Please wipe with a dry cloth and use anti-rust oil.
7. When troubleshooting, professional technicians must operate in the case of power failure.
8. Do not use machines near water, such as bathtubs, hazard pans, kitchen sinks, laundry pools, wet boards or swimming pools.
9. The machine sits on an unstable trolley, shelf or table.Otherwise, the machine may fall down, causing serious damage or casualties.
10. The machine can only operate according to the power type shown on the nameplate.If you do not know the type of power in your home, consult your power distribution unit or your local power supply office.
11. The machine is fitted with a triangular plug (ground wire).Plugs can only be plugged into grounded sockets.This is a safety device.If you cannot insert the plug into the socket, please appoint an electrician to replace your insulated socket.Do not cancel grounded sockets for safety purposes.
12. Don't put anything on the power line.Do not leave the machine in a dangerous place where the power cord can be trodden on.
13. Do not overload the wall socket or spur line, or risk fire or electric shock.
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