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How to adjust the optical path of fiber laser cutting machine
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    How to adjust the optical path of optical fiber laser cutting machine?
    The birth of optical fiber laser cutting machine is mainly to improve the work efficiency and cutting accuracy.However, high efficiency and precision are far beyond the reach of human operation.How to adjust the optical path of optical fiber laser cutting machine during use?The principle of optical path adjustment of optical fiber laser cutting machine is introduced:
    By adjusting the Angle of the three mirrors, the parallel optical path is finally realized.The laser head is in the same position at any position and is finally focused at the center of the focusing lens.How to adjust the optical path optical fiber laser cutting machine: (Adjust the current to 4-5mA)
1. Check if the laser can hit the reflector.(Method Cover the first reflector with a plastic sheet and press the test button to see the location of the laser point).If the laser does not hit the lens, adjust the lens position.
2. Check whether the laser can be applied to the second and third mirrors.If not, adjust the M1, M2 and M3 screws behind the lens.
3. Paste at least two layers of double-sided tape at the entrance of the laser tube (as shown in Figure 6-3 of the laser tube), move the laser head to the upper right corner of the table, press the test key of the control panel, and make a laser point.
4. Move the laser head to the upper left corner and make another laser point.See if it's the same as the top right corner.If not, adjust the M1, M2 and M3 screws for the second reflector.Make it hit the same spot as the top right point.
5. Move the laser head to the lower left corner, observe whether the point is in the same position with the upper right corner, and adjust the second reflecting lens.
6. Make repeated adjustments as described in D and E above.After all, all three laser points are in the same place.
7. Check if the focus is in the center: Place a mirror under the vertical part of the focusing mirror and place the transparent plastic sheet near the side of the lens barrel under the lens barrel.Press the test key and click the laser to see if the laser point is in the center of the focus mirror.When holding the plastic, be careful of laser burns and do not place your hand on the vertical plane of the lens.
    What should I pay attention to when using laser to cut materials?
    In laser cutting machine for high - precision, large - thickness parts processing, must master and solve these key technologies.Focus position control is one of them.One of the advantages of laser cutting is that the beam has a high energy density, so the focus diameter will be as small as possible, creating a narrow slit.Since the focal depth of the focusing lens is small, for high quality cutting, the effective focal depth also depends on the diameter of the lens and the material to be cut.Therefore, controlling the position of the focus relative to the surface of the material to be cut is very important.
    Because the laser power density has a great influence on the cutting speed, the lens focal length selection is a very important problem.After the laser beam is focused, the size of the spot is proportional to the focal length of the lens.When the beam is focused through a short focal length lens, the spot size is small and the power density at the focal point is high, which is more conducive to material cutting.But its shortcoming is the focal depth is very short, the adjustment margin is small, generally more suitable for high speed cutting thin materials.As the lens has a wide focal depth, as long as there is enough power density, it is more suitable for cutting thick parts.
    When a laser cuts steel, oxygen and a focused laser beam are cut into the material through a nozzle, forming an airflow beam.The basic requirement for air flow is that the air flow into the incision should be large and fast, so that the incision material can be fully exothermic reaction, and at the same time there is enough power to blow out the molten material.At present, the nozzle used for laser cutting adopts a tapered hole structure with a small round hole at the end.In use, a certain amount of pressure is introduced from the side of the nozzle.The material is pure copper, small in size and a vulnerable part.
    Advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine
    As a industrial fields widely used and very advanced cutting equipment, optical fiber laser cutting machine it can play a very good use of advantages, better experience on features, can get such a broad range of applications in the industrial environment, can meet the needs of the family in the working process of various cutting, better guarantee on the cutting precision.
    1. No pollution and low noise
    The efficiency of optical fiber laser cutting machine is very fast and its independent working ability is relatively high.It will not cause any pollution and waste of materials in the process of use, nor will it cause particularly loud noise.Therefore, it will play a good role in the protection of industrial environment, avoid unnecessary impact and harm to employees, especially in the operation and use of fully automatic operation effect is better, bringing faster work efficiency.
    2. It can achieve high accuracy.
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine with high precision, small thermal deformation, and the advantages of small sensing range, to avoid the damage of the mechanical contact processing, it is reasonable to control the cost of materials, avoid all unnecessary influence in use process, can reasonable cutting high hardness, high brittleness material, so as to achieve better processing and using effect.
    Choose professional and standard brand optical fiber laser cutting machine in the practical application process can play a better advantage, can meet the specific requirements of each person in different environments, so as to bring more perfect experience, better reflect the safety and stability, avoid all kinds of unnecessary influence, make the use effect more perfect.

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