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What are the factors affecting the quality of metal-cut carbon steel
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    Factors affecting the quality of metal-Cut carbon steel
    The thickness of carbon steel cut by metal laser cutting machine is mainly determined by laser output power.For carbon steel, for example, a 1kW metal laser cutter can cut 9 layers of thickness (i.e. 9mm), a 1.5KW metal laser cutter can cut 19 layers of thickness, and a 2.5kW stainless steel laser cutter can only cut 15 layers of thickness.If it is thicker, it needs to be equipped with a high power laser of 3KW or more.
    For carbon steel up to 10 mm, optical fiber laser cutting machines up to 1000 W can be used for cutting.This is because the laser cutting width is relatively narrow, generally between 0.1 and 0.5m, the cutting accuracy is very high, less than 0.05mm, the hole center distance error is between 0.1 and 0.4mm, the contour size error is also between 0.1 and 0.5mm, the cutting section is smooth, the incision roughness is less than 25 m after cutting, no further processing can be directly welded.
    For carbon steel more than 10 mm and less than 20 mm, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine because the domestic optical fiber laser cutting machine can not cut this thickness of steel, so you can choose about 2000 W.But compared with wire cutting, CNC plasma cutting and water cutting, CO2 metal laser cutting machine has higher cutting efficiency and lower cutting cost.
    How to ensure metal cutting quality laser cutting machine?This is a problem of great concern, but to solve this problem, we must understand the factors affecting the cutting quality of metal laser cutting machine.Here's a summary:
    1. Material thickness - directly affects the quality of the tool
    Laser cutting is suitable for cutting thin plates.Carbon steel up to 12mm and stainless steel up to 6mm have obvious cutting effect, best quality and guaranteed efficiency.For example, when the material thickness is less than 1mm, the material incision is very smooth.
    2. Laser output power and output mode -- the higher the laser output power directly affects the quality of the cutting machine, the better the cutting effect is for the same thickness plate.The higher the matching degree between laser cutting method and material, the better cutting quality.
    3. Surface roughness -- directly affects the quality of the tool.
    Generally speaking, the smoother the material surface, the better the cutting quality.Through independent research and development, Wuhan Huayucheng laser has an automatic induction system, which can automatically adjust the cutting head height according to different material thickness.
    4. Focusing position -- directly affects the quality of the tool.
    The very simple fact that the focus of laser cutting is correct and the precision and precision of cutting can meet the requirements.
    5. Cutting speed -- directly affects the quality of the tool.
    No matter which material is laser-cut, if the cutting speed and material consistency are the best, then the cutting effect is the best, too fast and too slow will affect the cutting effect.Laser cutting.
    6. The pressure and type of auxiliary gas directly affect the quality of cutting machine.
    The higher the pressure, the higher the gas purity, the less the material attachment, the smoother the cutting mouth.Different gas types lead to different cutting speeds and effects.Generally speaking, oxygen is the fastest cutting speed, nitrogen is the best cutting effect, and air is the lowest cutting cost.
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    How many watts (W) laser cutting machines are more suitable for 10 mm carbon steel
    In general, 10 mm carbon steel is a medium thickness sheet metal.Not many tools can cut such a thickness.In general, the most widely used in the market are flame cutting and plasma cutting.However, due to the poor accuracy, more burr and other shortcomings, has been criticized.So, what's a good way to cut 10mm carbon steel?
    For traditional cutting methods, 10 mm thick carbon steel is not enough, but laser cutting is very easy.Metal laser cutting machine has the advantages of strong cutting ability, high machining precision, fast machining speed and so on. It has become the necessary equipment for metal  cutting.In addition, metal laser cutting machine can also according to the need to cut a variety of complex graphics, to meet the needs of various industries.
    Which laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting 10 mm carbon steel?
    Therefore, what kind of metal laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting 10 mm carbon steel is always a question of choice for many people.Here, Wuhan High Energy Laser gives you the following analysis and Suggestions:
    1.10mm carbon steel is relatively small, 1500 W fiber laser cutting machine is a suitable processing equipment, although 10 mm processing speed is slow, but considering economic benefits, 1000 W fiber laser cutting machine has a faster return speed and relatively low price.
    There are more 2.10mm carbon steels and 2000 W fiber optic laser cutting machines that are suitable.2000 W laser cutting machine although the price is higher, but from the production point of view, the processing speed is fast, save time.
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