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What are the features of laser cutting
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    The main features of laser cutting
    The laser beam is focused to a very small point of light, bringing the focus to a high power density.At this point, the heat input of the beam far exceeds that of the material reflected, transmitted, or diffused.The material is soon heated to the point where it vaporizes, creating a hole.With the relative linear motion of the beam and material, narrow width slits are formed continuously.The thermal effect of trimming is very small, and there is no deformation of workpiece.
    In the cutting process, the auxiliary steam body suitable for the material to be cut is added.During steel cutting, exothermic chemical oxidation occurs between the steam and the molten metal with oxygen as an auxiliary material, which also helps to blow away the slag in the slit.For cutting polypropylene, using compressed air, inert gas for cutting cotton, paper and other flammable materials.Auxiliary steam entering the nozzle can also cool the focusing lens, preventing smoke from entering the lens base, contaminating the lens and causing the lens to overheat.
    Most organic and inorganic materials can be cut by laser.In heavy metal processing, many metallic materials, regardless of their hardness, can be cut without deforming.Of course, for materials with high reflectivity, such as gold, silver, copper, and aluminum alloys, they are also good conductors of heat transfer, so laser cutting is very difficult or even impossible.
    Laser cutting has the advantages of no burr, no wrinkle, high precision and so on, which is better than plasma cutting.For many mechanical and electrical manufacturing, because modern laser cutting of computer process control system easy to cut different shape and size of the workpiece, although its processing speed is slower than the blanking punching die, but I don't need to mold cost, do not need to repair the mold, also saved tool changing time, save the processing costs, reduce the production cost, generally have higher cost-effectiveness.
    Contactless processing
    After focusing the laser beam, a very small force point with very high energy is formed.
    First, converting laser light into an amazing amount of heat energy, and keeping it in a small area, can provide
(1) Narrow straight edge slit;
(2) The minimum heat-affected area (adjacent to the cutting edge);
(3) Minimal local deformation.
    Second, the laser beam does not exert any force on the workpiece. It is a non-contact cutting tool, which means that
(1) No mechanical deformation of the workpiece;
(2) No tool wear, no tool conversion problem;
(3) There is no need to consider the hardness of cutting materials, that is, the laser cutting ability is not affected by the hardness of the material being cut, and any hard material can be cut.
    Thirdly, laser beam has strong controllability, strong adaptability and flexibility, so it is convenient to combine with automatic equipment and realize the automation of cutting process.
    Because there is no limit to cutting workpiece, laser beam has infinite copy cutting ability.It can be combined with the computer, arrange the entire plate, save material.
    Adaptability and flexibility
    Compared with other conventional machining methods, laser cutting has stronger adaptability.First of all, compared with other thermal cutting methods, other methods cannot be applied to such a small area as laser beam, resulting in wide incision, large heat-affected area, and obvious workpiece deformation.Laser can cut nonmetal, but other thermal cutting methods cannot.
    Generally speaking, laser cutting can be measured by the following six criteria.
1. Cutting surface roughness Rz
2. The size of the slag hanging from the cut
3. Perpendicularity, trim the edge slope
4. Tip rounded Angle size R
5. Stripe drag n
6 Flatness F
laser cutting machine

    Optical fiber laser cutting machine six industries
    1. Automobile industry.Many corners of the automobile industry, such as doors and exhaust pipes, need to be dealt with after they have formed some unnecessary corners or burrs.If manual operation is used, first it is difficult to achieve precision, and then efficiency is very high.Robotic laser cutting machine can be used for batch processing.
    2. Advertising.Traditional approaches to advertising are inefficient because of the amount of customization.No matter how thick the plate is, no matter how much shape it has, laser cutting will be satisfying.
    3. Kitchenware industry.Now there are more and more houses, more and more decorations, and more and more demand for products related to kitchen utensils.Laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting stainless steel plate, high speed, high precision, high satisfaction, can achieve customized, personalized product development, favored by kitchen manufacturers.
    4. Sheet metal processing.In short, processing is a variety of plates, a variety of different graphic cutting pieces, its characteristics are laser cutting machine this industry is in full swing.
    5. Cabinet Industry.Including power distribution cabinet, file cabinet, etc., are sheet metal standardized production, high efficiency is required, easy to use.Laser cutting machine four, six stations are more suitable, high efficiency.Double cut is also suitable for specific boards.
    6. Fitness equipment.Because the state attaches great importance to the development of the concept of physical health and personal health.Plaza fitness equipment and home fitness equipment are gradually developing, the demand is also gradually increasing.Basically some pipe cutting.Using laser cutting machine is more convenient and fast.
laser cutting machine

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