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Why choose fiber laser cutting machine
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    Why choose optical fiber laser cutting machine?
    Optical fiber laser cutting machine, as the name implies, USES laser fiber and optical fiber to transmit laser energy, why choose now?What are the advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine?
    Firstly, optical fiber laser adopts optical fiber as flexible transmission, which does not need dimming and is very convenient for maintenance.This function is too important for the cutting industry.Why is that?The reason is simple.Simple maintenance, low labor intensity and low technical content have greatly reduced the labor cost of existing Chinese enterprises.
    Secondly, the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is 2-3 times that of the CO2 laser with the same power.Especially in the thin metal plate cutting, the cutting speed fiber laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in three kinds of laser cutting machines.Fiber laser cutting machine has good beam quality, small cutting clearance and flat cutting edge.
    Last but not least, the fiber laser cutter is very low.The reason is simple.Laser is white light or electric light, optical fiber laser cutting machine has the highest photoelectric conversion rate in the current laser.Therefore, the same power fiber laser has the lowest power consumption and the lowest cost.Another is the fiber laser cutting machine than other CO2 laser cutting machine or YAG laser cutting machine less material, the cost is also reduced.
    Let's look at the advantages of optical fiber laser cutting machine:
    Excellent beam quality: small spot size, high working efficiency, good processing quality;
    Fast cutting speed: twice that of CO2 laser cutting machine;
    High performance and stability: the world's top imported fiber laser, stable performance, the service life of key components can reach 100000 hours;
    High electro-optical conversion efficiency: optical fiber laser cutting machine is three times higher than CO2 laser cutting machine, energy saving and environmental protection;
    In addition, the use cost is also very low: the power consumption of the whole machine is only 20-30F of similar CO2 laser cutting machine;
    Low maintenance costs: no laser working gas;Optical fiber transmission, no reflector, can save a lot of maintenance costs;
    Simple operation and maintenance: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust optical path;
    Excellent flexible light guiding effect: small size, compact structure, flexible and convenient for processing.
    Mainly used for carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, pickling sheet, galvanized sheet, copper and other metal material cutting.
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    Application of laser cutting machine in light industry
    In light industry applications, the laser cutting head cutting machine has an intelligent tracking system, advanced multi-faceted flexible cutting equipment, using the intelligent performance of laser cutting equipment, the cutting effect is smooth and meticulous.
    Special automatic optical path is installed on irregular workpiece.The light produced by the focusing system makes the laser cutting effect of the product more obvious.This is the current laser cutting technology, which has the characteristics of saving, high efficiency and high quality.
    It is widely used in light industry.From unknown laser cutting technology to dozens of famous laser cutting machines Dr. Everbright as a representative of the application of laser cutting technology in the world, over the years in the field of laser cutting technology has been independent research and development.At present, domestic laser cutting machine technology progress.

    Application of laser cutting machine in kitchen appliance industry
    Compared with the traditional plate cutting method, laser cutting machine has obvious advantages.It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high production efficiency, good cutting quality, narrow cutting seam, good material adaptability, no tool wear, etc.Whether it is a simple or complex part, it can be laser-cut to a precise and rapid shape.It has the advantages of high degree of automation, simple operation, low labor intensity and no pollution.Low production cost, good economic benefit and long effective life.
    Compared with traditional machining methods, laser cutting also has obvious advantages.In the hot cutting method, oxygen-flammable cutting (such as acetylene cutting) and plasma cutting cannot concentrate energy in a small area such as laser beam, resulting in large cutting area, large heat-affected area, and obvious workpiece deformation.Oxy combustible cutting equipment is a flexible tool with low investment. However, due to its large heat-affected area, low cutting speed, and severe serrated and serrated cut.As a result, it is rarely used to cut materials with a thickness of less than 20 mm and a precise size.
    Plasma cutting and laser cutting speed is similar, significantly higher than acetylene flame cutting.But the cutting energy is low, the cutting edge is round at the top, and the cutting edge is obviously wavy.During operation, the operator must also be prevented from being harmed by ultraviolet radiation from the arc.However, lasers can cut nonmetals, whereas other thermal cutting methods cannot.In the process of mechanical stamping, using die stamping to produce a large number of parts has the advantages of low cost and short production cycle, but this method is difficult to adapt to the changes in design, special equipment, long manufacturing cycle and high cost.
    For small and medium-sized enterprises, the advantages of laser cutting will be fully demonstrated.This laser cutter facilitates the tight alignment and arrangement of the workpiece, saves more material than the die stamping, and has a larger material margin around each workpiece.For large and complex parts that need to be segmented, punches are needed to be cut, resulting in a large number of small shell shaped edges and a large number of leftovers.Its cutting speed is much slower than laser cutting.
    In addition, the laser is a flexible, non-contact copying tool that can cut from any point in the material in any direction, which is amazing for saws.Wire-cut edM is used for precision machining of hard materials.Although the cut is relatively flat, the cutting speed is several orders of magnitude slower than the cutting speed.Laser cutting.Although water cutting can cut many non-metallic materials, it is expensive to operate.
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