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What factors are involved in the accuracy of laser cutting machines
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    The precision of laser cutting machine depends on the equipment itself and external factors.
    When many people buy laser cutting machines they care about the accuracy of the machines.Precision has become, to a large extent, the standard by which the quality of a machine is measured.There are many factors affecting laser cutting precision, of course, there are also factors of the equipment itself, but at the same time, the precision also changes with the change of material, material and other factors.
    1. External factors:
    1) Cutting materials: in the same case, the cutting accuracy of different materials is slightly different.Even for the same material, if the material composition is different, the cutting accuracy will be different.In general, in other cases, the smoother the material, the higher the cutting accuracy;
    2) Auxiliary gas and nozzle: In the laser cutting process, auxiliary gas and nozzle play a role in cleaning and controlling the cutting speed to a certain extent.If there is uneven pressure and temperature in the airflow, the density of the air field will change.This density gradient causes a change in the refractive index in the field, which dries out the focus of the beam's energy and causes the beam to refocus or diverge.
    2. Factors of equipment itself:
    1) Laser beam quality: The smaller the light spot after laser beam aggregation, the smaller the slit and the higher the processing precision;
    2) Vibration of the table: The laser cutting table vibrates with the vibration of the laser head.The high-precision table has stable linear guide rail and stepper motor, high cutting precision;
    It is necessary to realize that laser cutting machine is not only related to the equipment itself, but also related to external factors.When we use laser cutting machine, according to the specific processing materials, user's quality requirements, etc., we set and adjust the relevant parameters of the equipment, such as power, focusing position, cutting speed, auxiliary gas, etc., in order to meet the user's requirements for product accuracy.
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    What are the price determinants of fiber optic laser cutting machines?
    Metals have always brought a lot of fun and business opportunities, past and present.At this age.Artisan production is basically down.Instead, high-tech metal-fiber laser cutters have been used to make all kinds of metal crafts.
    We can't live without bottles. Cutting cans, cutlery and cooking utensils with a fiber optic laser cutter can always increase our cooking pleasure and enrich our appetite.Life is inseparable from metal products, whether used as decorations or gifts, optical fiber laser cutting machine such as metal lampshade, metal models, jewelry and other delicate metal crafts, always bring a little vitality to the lovers, bring more fun.
    It is important to pay attention to price, but quality is even more important.The configuration of laser cutting machine brand, laser, laser power supply, motor and laser head not only determines the price, but also determines the service life.Therefore, when we buy laser cutting machines, in addition to the price, we must pay attention to this information.
    Laser cutting machine, as a new product adapted to the market development trend, is well received by users for its high precision and fast cutting speed.Nowadays, the laser cutting machine on the market is not the same, and the price is not the same: hundreds of thousands of a, some even millions of a, some enterprises marked "60000 a XX laser cutting machine", this is a direct flash.What's more, some sellers only list prices, obscure addresses, or even nonstandard addresses, so that users who can't access the site don't know it's actually a small business.
    ACCTEK Laser is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production and development of metal laser cutting machines.Is the domestic laser cutting machine production field of the benchmark enterprises.After years of research and development and innovation, laser equipment has the characteristics of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good beam quality, stable performance and high cost performance.Many technologies are leading in the industry in China.Laser equipment has been sold to many domestic large and medium-sized backbone production enterprises and listed companies.

    When we choose, we must know the laser cutter, the material to cut and the thickness and size of the material to cut.
    Some laser cutters are surrounded by structures to reduce laser radiation, and some have exchange platforms to save loading and unloading time.The utility model is applicable to customers who need to cut plates and pipes.The more features the laser cutter has, the higher the price, and everyone can choose according to their own needs.
    After selecting the type of machine, select the table of the laser cutting machine according to the size of the cutting material.The same series, the same power supply is expensive and expensive.However, large size is not good.Some of the poor quality machines are large.The average value of the laser output is not stable, so choosing the right format is correct.
    Of course, we must pay attention to the precision of the laser cutting machine.The higher the precision, the better the cutting surface.The cutting speed of the laser cutter should also be considered.After all, cutting is faster, more efficient and more profitable.The longer the life of the laser, the better for the user.
    Therefore, the selection of laser cutting machine should be based on the needs of their own industry and the type and style of cutting materials to choose.Laser cutting machine this requires higher configuration and higher price, but can not blindly pursue the price and ignore the quality.
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